The Montreal National Home Show: Thank You Domo Prestige

SFM partnered with Domo Prestige to display Just Add Power, Luxul and IC Realtime in the Maison Ethier booth The Montreal National Home Show is one of the biggest events of its kind in the city with over 500 exhibitors  showcasing the latest  trends in home decorating, renovating and landscaping. This year's edition was held at Place Bonaventure from March 4-13, 2016. Domo Prestige, an SFM dealer and exhibitor at the show, presented the latest products  from SFM CI's division such as Luxul, Just Add Power and IC Realtime. Several high quality reliable products were on display such as Luxul's [...]

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Ask Mario! (May 2016)

What is a tribrid surveillance video recorder? At some point in your science class, you may have heard of a trilobite. It's a fascinating variety of fossils found in some rock formations. They are from the paleozoic era and some are 500 million years old. As for tribrid even if the word has some resemblance, it's definitely something much newer. Currently, IC Realtime no longer offers Digital Video Recorders that can only handle low resolution composite video signal from cameras. However, the classic Max and Flex series are still available, and have been upgraded with "tribrid" capability. So in addition [...]

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The Eastern Custom Integration Show Scored a New Number of Visitors

The Custom Installation division of SFM was thrilled to co-host at the Eastern Custom Integration Show on March 30 and 31. The division organized the second edition of this event in collaboration with NXNW, Sound Developments and Trends Electronics. After the great success of the first edition in Richmond, BC, SFM CI was excited to reach people working in the CEDIA channel in Ontario and Quebec through the Eastern Custom Integration Show. New partners such as Autonomic, Kevro and JVC joined the show while Cantrex was back for a second year. The event, taking place at the International Plaza Hotel [...]

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Ask Mario! (February 2016)

What do I need to record sound with an IC Realtime or Clear View system? Most surveillance cameras don't have a built-in microphone. Legally speaking there's a lot to know about audio recording in surveillance, and the laws in the different US states and Canada are all different. In Canada you cannot intercept a private communication, read the criminal code section 184 to know more. However for applications where it's legal, here's how to do it. First, the microphone connection differs depending if the cameras use an analog signal on coax or an IP connection. With an analog video system, [...]

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The OmniMount RE12W Wall Mount Rack System Takes Home the Prestigious Mark of Excellence Award

CE Pro Editors · January 7, 2016 Recognizing groundbreaking consumer electronics technologies and installations, the TechHome Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) held the 2016 Mark of Excellence Awards at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Presented in an evening ceremony at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the Mark of Excellence Awards recognize some of the best residential and commercial custom installation projects performed by professional integrators, as well as top consumer technology products and services that are primarily targeted at the custom installation channel. The nearly 160 entries are judged by an independent panel of industry experts. Winners [...]

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Luxul Wins Two Product of the Year Awards at CES

AV Series and Wireless Controller Kit Honored by the Consumer Technology Association Luxul, a leading innovator of IP networking solutions for custom installation professionals, received two prestigious product awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) at CES® in Las Vegas. The XWS-2510 Wireless Controller System was chosen as "Wireless Product of the Year", while the "Network Product of the Year" award was given to the AV Series of switches and routers. "We're delighted to receive these awards and to be recognized for our innovation," said Jeffrey Curtis, CEO of Luxul. "The entire Luxul team is committed to helping professional installers [...]

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CE PRO’s Bob Archer Names the 3.1 HSB as one of his Top Picks of the Year!

The reasonably priced 3.1 HSB speaker system from Atlantic Technology is engineered as a soundbar/pedestal product and incorporates the Boston Company's H-PAS technologies to provide good mid-bass extension to a room-friendly multichannel speaker product. In order to add a unique twist to the soundbar, the company also includes a powered woofer to the HSB 3.1 for a nice richness to augment dialog, music and special effects without the aid of an additional box on the floor. The new 3.1 HSB is an integrated high-performance loudspeaker system containing three passive front channel speakers (LCR) and a powered H-PAS subwoofer in a [...]

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Another Great Success for the Custom Integration Expo & Training

Strength in Numbers! Due to the success of the Custom Integration Expo & Training in Toronto last March, SFM, along with NXNW, Sound Developments, & Trends, joined forces to bring this unique event to the West Coast, in Vancouver. The event, held February 3rd & 4th at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, attracted nearly a hundred retailers from the CI industry. Several trainings were offered and more than 40 brands were presented in the ballroom. Cantrex, Autonomic and Plurison also joined the quartet. The event was a great success and we are already planning on hosting dealers in [...]

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Ask Mario! (December 2015)

I have only one Cat5e cable going to the TV. Is there a way to connect a Just Add Power receiver and have wired internet access? Yes it is possible, even if you have a single CAT cable from the rack to the display. Smart TVs work better with a wired internet access, as with local sources like BluRay players, AppleTV and gaming consoles. On the Just Add power side of things, there is no special configuration needed in JADConfig to have internet on ports designated for the video receivers. In the room at the TV you would need to [...]

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Luxul Expands its Layer 3 Switch Lineup and Introduced New High Power Wireless Access Point

IP networking solutions provider Luxul is expanding its lineup of Layer 3 switches, introducing several new models, and unveiled new High Power Wireless Access Point at CEDIA EXPO. Among the new additions is the CMS-7048P, a 52-port stackable gigabit PoE+ L2/L3 managed switch with a 740 power budget, Luxul explained. The XMS-7048P is capable of stacking up to 16 switches (800 ports), and is ideal for use in scalable Ethernet-based HD-over-IP video distribution systems, according to the company. “The Luxul Layer 3 switch line is designed for use in demanding video switching applications such as those offered by Just Add [...]

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