Another Great Success for the Custom Integration Expo & Training

Strength in Numbers! Due to the success of the Custom Integration Expo & Training in Toronto last March, SFM, along with NXNW, Sound Developments, & Trends, joined forces to bring this unique event to the West Coast, in Vancouver. The event, held February 3rd & 4th at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, attracted nearly a hundred retailers from the CI industry. Several trainings were offered and more than 40 brands were presented in the ballroom. Cantrex, Autonomic and Plurison also joined the quartet. The event was a great success and we are already planning on hosting dealers in [...]

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Ask Mario! (December 2015)

I have only one Cat5e cable going to the TV. Is there a way to connect a Just Add Power receiver and have wired internet access? Yes it is possible, even if you have a single CAT cable from the rack to the display. Smart TVs work better with a wired internet access, as with local sources like BluRay players, AppleTV and gaming consoles. On the Just Add power side of things, there is no special configuration needed in JADConfig to have internet on ports designated for the video receivers. In the room at the TV you would need to [...]

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Luxul Expands its Layer 3 Switch Lineup and Introduced New High Power Wireless Access Point

IP networking solutions provider Luxul is expanding its lineup of Layer 3 switches, introducing several new models, and unveiled new High Power Wireless Access Point at CEDIA EXPO. Among the new additions is the CMS-7048P, a 52-port stackable gigabit PoE+ L2/L3 managed switch with a 740 power budget, Luxul explained. The XMS-7048P is capable of stacking up to 16 switches (800 ports), and is ideal for use in scalable Ethernet-based HD-over-IP video distribution systems, according to the company. “The Luxul Layer 3 switch line is designed for use in demanding video switching applications such as those offered by Just Add [...]

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Just Add Power Ships 3G Ultra HD Over IP Video Distribution System

Just Add Power is now shipping 3G Ultra HD over IP transmitters and receivers, with built-in 4K scaling and seamless HDCP handling capabilities, which allow integrated screens to display their optimum resolutions up to and including 2160p. Officially launched at CEDIA 2015, Just Add Power’s new 3G Ultra HD over IP platform provides a readily available solution for video matrixing 4K and lower content from multiple HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.x sources to any combination of HDMI 2.0 and 1.x screens over a Gigabit network and Cat 5e/6 cabling infrastructure. By using Just Add Power’s 3G Ultra HD over IP [...]

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Meet the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat

The brighter way to save energy The 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat is thinner, sleeker, and more beautiful than ever. The display is even bigger and sharper. And now the Nest Thermostat does something new. We call it Farsight. When you walk into the room, Farsight lights up and shows you the temperature you set or the time. You can even choose a digital or analog clock face. It’s big and bright - you can see it from across the room. With more temperature sensors, the Nest Thermostat is more accurate. So it’s even better at learning about your home. [...]

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SiriusXM for Business Now on all Russound Streaming Products

Russound is proud to announce the immediate availability of SiriusXM for Business on all of its streaming media products: MCA-88X (Requires Firmware Version 2.00.12 or Higher) DMS-3.1 (Requires Firmware Version 7.01.03 or Higher) X5 (Requires Firmware Version 3.01.3 or Higher) SiriusXM for Business is an ideal solution for all commercial installations where music will be played for a public audience. Benefits: Hassle-free Forget the complicated reporting and license arrangements with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. SiriusXM handles all of this automatically so your customers don't have to do it. Easy Installation Use Russound's streaming products that you are already using for [...]

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OmniMount Experts Weigh in: Top Trends at CEDIA

As seen in OmniMount Blog  | by Jebra Turner We sat down with CE veteran Bill Ennis, OmniMount Sales Director, Americas and Kevin Paulson, OmniMount Director of Product Management, as they prepared for the CEDIA EXPO to discuss what they saw as the top trends in category. Bill went so far as to call it this way—the category is experiencing a renaissance that is exciting to see. Here are their thoughts: Curved TVs. The market isn’t giving up on the design opportunities, however, much like Blu-ray over HD DVD, there is still debate about whether curved is worth it. Other benefits [...]

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Furman Vs. a Typical Surge Strip

Typical surge strips may offer some protection from small surges and spikes, but they can't protect from catastrophic surges or sustained overvoltages (commonly caused by wiring faults). See how a Furman power conditioner with EVS protects and what happens to a typical surge strip.

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Luxul Installer Tip: Enhance Wireless Media Streaming with 802.11ac

As wireless devices become more ubiquitous and advanced in their capabilities, demands on the wireless IP network continue to surge. Fortunately, the wireless network technology advancements are keeping pace with those demands. With 802.11ac, demanding applications such as media streaming that were once relegated to the hardwired network are now achievable wirelessly. Let’s take a closer look at the technology to better understand how the average home or business user might benefit from these 802.11ac performance enhancements. Read more

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JAD Config Installer – Major Update

If you've recently updated your PC to Windows 10, then make sure you're running the latest version of JADConfig, which adds windows 10 support. Happy HDMI over IP installing! Here are the highlights: Windows 10 support added Discovery problems in older Windows versions solved Background Patch improvements MediaSwitcher and MoreVue now work with JADConfig via simple import Now supporting Luxul AMS2616P AMS1208P XMS2624P switches plus STACKED AMS4424P – the BEST choice for HDIP. New TEST MODE – allows you to operate and verify the HDIP Matrix within JADConfig Guide PDF included in download. Uploaded:  October [...]

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