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SFM Now Distributing DTS Architectural Lighting Solutions

SFM has been appointed as the exclusive Canadian distributor for DTS Architectural Lighting Solutions. DTS is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing lighting products and effects for the entertainment and architectural industries in more than 70 countries since 1980. For design and production applications, DTS uses the most advanced design tools and automation systems available. Proudly made in Italy, all DTS products are supported by an extremely skilled team that stands at the leading edge of the latest lighting engineering technologies. "The demand for architectural lighting is booming in Canada so we wanted to be able to [...]

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SFM celebrates its 40th anniversary

Today marks SFM’s 40th anniversary, and although there is a lot we would like to cover, there is only one message that matters. Thank You. To all our clients, suppliers, and colleagues, for those who believed in us in 1978 and stood by our side through the years, we would not have lasted a day, let alone 40 years in this business, without you. We are extremely proud to work in an industry that thrives on bringing communication, and experiences to life. As we continue to embark on new adventures that explore the evolution of technologies and [...]

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Elation Professional Acquires M-Series Controller Range from HARMAN Professional Solutions

Elation Professional announces the acquisition of the M-Series range of entertainment lighting controllers from HARMAN Professional Denmark ApS, formerly Martin Professional ApS. The asset-based acquisition, which is planned to be completed before the end of Q1 2018, will include a limited-term license agreement to distribute current controller products using the name “M-Series,” as well as provide continued technical support and warranty service for prior Martin M-Series sales. Elation already has in place key personnel with expertise in M-Series technology in order to provide ongoing support and development of new products. This will ensure a seamless transition for the already established [...]

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Soubois Restaurant, Magical Underground Forest

Located in Montreal's downtown core, Soubois restaurant provides patrons with a truly unique setting; one that recreates the outdoors, indoors, using a combination of custom-created interior design elements and a state of the art LED lighting system designed and installed by Moog Audio. In English, Soubois (sou-bois) translates as undergrowth, and the restaurant lives up to its name beautifully, with décor that creates what can only be described as an magical underground forest, and features pillars disguised as the stylized trunks of giant trees supporting a lattice work forest canopy, lush plants hanging around the space and placed on tables, and rustic, yet modern, wooden [...]

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Vancouver Post Alliance’s “Behind the Soundtrack” Event – A Great Success!

SFM was honoured to take part in "Behind the Soundtrack", an unprecedented event supporting the postproduction industry in British Columbia. The event, organized by the Vancouver Post Alliance (VPA), was hosted by Hal Beckett, moderator and director of the VPA. The format was an all-day seminar at CBC Studio 1, a premier orchestral recording studio in Vancouver on April 30, 2016. The discussion panel included music supervisors, music editors, composers, sound editors and mixers and producers, allowing the audience to get an exclusive look into how a music soundtrack is planned, produced and scored for film and television projects. As [...]

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Soundbox Productions Adds Elation ACL Series™ to Inventory

Soundbox Productions of Hamilton, Ontario has added Elation Professional ACL Series™ effect lights to its growing inventory of Elation products. Soundbox acquired ACL Bar™ LED battens in August which join a purchase of ACL 360 Matrix™ LED moving head panels from earlier in the year. “The ACL fixtures are a great piece to accompany any lighting design,” said Colin Moore, Lighting Department Head & Project Manager at Soundbox Productions. “Initially we purchased them to service our touring department but as they have been back at our shop off the road we have been including them in a lot of festivals and [...]

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Elation EMOTION™ Digital Lighting for Season Finale of CBS’s “Survivor”

Lighting designer Victor Fable has been incorporating digital lighting and graphics effects from Elation Professional’s EMOTION™ digital light on television shows lately and recently turned to the new generation luminaire for the 2016 season finale of the popular competitive reality television series “Survivor.” The season finale of “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng,” the 32nd season of the Emmy award-winning show, aired live on May 17th from CBS Radford Studios in Los Angeles. Fable, who says he has been fortunate to be part of the “Survivor” finales for many seasons, programmed some of the early finale shows before taking over as lighting designer [...]

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Dealer Spotlight: Colin Moore and Soundbox Productions

When you're enjoying live entertainment, your primary focus is meant to be on the performers on stage and their movements. What we often do not consider is the constant hard work and planning that takes place behind the scenes to direct the spectator's eye toward the performers. At every live show, there are entire lighting crews that work tirelessly to complement the stage performance with professional lighting. Colin Moore, Head of Lighting and Touring at Soundbox Productions has made a career in the entertainment industry by finding solutions and integrating creative and efficient lighting into all of his projects while [...]

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Elation Launches DTW Series™ Variable-White Par and Bar LED Lights

The first products in Elation Professional’s new DTW Series™ of variable white LED lights is coming soon. An excellent choice when variable white light is required in broadcast, theatrical and conventional lighting situations, DTW Series fixtures are color temperature adjustable and can emulate the “Dim to Warm” look of conventional tungsten / halogen fixtures. Optimized to give the finest in variable white light, available now are the DTW Par 300™, DTW Par Z19 IP™ and DTW Bar 1000™. All three fixtures feature full color temperature range control from 2,700K - 6,500K plus independent Dim-to-Warm channel control from 1,800K –to 3,200K [...]

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ADJ Launches Two New Battery-Powered LED Pars

Combining the flexibility of battery-power with the color mixing potential of RGB+UV LEDs, ADJ is pleased to announce the addition of two new par fixtures to the Mega Go Series. Perfect for mobile entertainers, production companies and other lighting users allowing quicker set-up and tear down time; the ADJ Mega Go Par64 Plus and Mega QPLUS Go offer a new level of creative freedom, UV-infused color washes absolutely anywhere they are required. The new Mega Go Par64 Plus packs in 172 10mm, 0.07W LEDs (split across 56 Red, 60 Green and 56 Blue), which allows the fixture to generate potent [...]

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