Online Panel Designer – Blank cutouts

///Online Panel Designer – Blank cutouts

Online Panel Designer – Blank cutouts

Following the launch of our Online Panel Designer, we’ve started getting some great comments and suggestions from designers and users. Some are complex and will require a lot of work, but are on the future design sheet, while others are easier to accomplish, and we can get them done quickly.

… and then there are some ideas that are so good and simple that we had a moment of collective face-palming…triplefacepalm

 Why didn’t we think of that????

So we got to work right away, and here they are: blank cutouts!

You can now add the following blank cut outs to your panels:

  • Neutrik D-size connector
  • Neutrik G-size connector
  • Decora
  • Edison AC Duplex
  • Veam-style 37 pin audio connector
  • Veam-style 150 pin audio connector
  • CPC-style 24 pin audio connector
  • MASS W4 audio connector
  • MASS W5 audio connector
  • Socapex-style 19 pin connector
  • QSC Q-SYS TSC-3 control panel
  • … more to come
OPD blanks

Online and ready to use now!