Engineering Change Notice for D4/6S Cable

//Engineering Change Notice for D4/6S Cable

Engineering Change Notice for D4/6S Cable

Digiflex strives to constantly improve upon our product offering and the technical specifications of our products. We have taken the best characteristics of several of our most popular cables and combined them into a new design of a multipurpose cable.

Finally, one cable that can do DMX, Microphone/Line and AES/EBU!

  • For audio: a star quad cable with a braided shield that offers amazing noise rejection characteristics.
  • For AES/EBU: a digital audio cable that ensures the data remains intact even on long runs. Real-life tested to 200 feet.
  • For DMX: a glitch-free 4-conductor cable with braided shield with constant impedance and very low capacitance.

The D4/6S specification sheet details some of the performance you can expect from this cable. It is already in use in our high-end NXX-D4 touring cable, will be implemented in the next few weeks as our standard DMX cable, and will soon be offered for AES/EBU cabling.