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Digiflex Launches powerCON Cubes

The new powerCON Cubes brings the ruggedness and functionality of our successful speakON Cubes to power management. The unique extruded aluminium shell offers an almost indestructible shell to these great power distribution boxes, while the integral L-track rigging points offer functionality like no other box out there.

Available in many different configurations, the powerCON Cubes are great for:

  • Backline and stage power
  • Lighting fixture power distribution
  • Overhead truss or other hard to reach locations, where safety is of the highest concern
  • Line array power
  • Video projectors

Based around the world standard Neutrik powerCON and powerCON True1 connectors, our Cubes system offers power distribution, which can adapt and grow for your needs. The compact form of the connectors and boxes allow for high density of power deployment with minimal visibility, while the locking characteristics of the powerCON connector ensure that the show will go on.

To connect the more traditional gear, we offer breakouts to Edison or U-Ground plugs as well, either with or without breakers.

Solid, protected, and flexible, the PowerCON Cubes system is ready to ship today.

See details of individual units here:

For more information, please contact us.

Engineering Change Notice for D4/6S Cable

Digiflex strives to constantly improve upon our product offering and the technical specifications of our products. We have taken the best characteristics of several of our most popular cables and combined them into a new design of a multipurpose cable.

Finally, one cable that can do DMX, Microphone/Line and AES/EBU!

  • For audio: a star quad cable with a braided shield that offers amazing noise rejection characteristics.
  • For AES/EBU: a digital audio cable that ensures the data remains intact even on long runs. Real-life tested to 200 feet.
  • For DMX: a glitch-free 4-conductor cable with braided shield with constant impedance and very low capacitance.

The D4/6S specification sheet details some of the performance you can expect from this cable. It is already in use in our high-end NXX-D4 touring cable, will be implemented in the next few weeks as our standard DMX cable, and will soon be offered for AES/EBU cabling.

Digiflex speakON Cubes Nominated for a 2017 ProSoundWeb/Live Sound International Reader’s Choice Award

We are thrilled to announce that, once again this year, we are nominated for a ProSoundWeb/Live Sound International Reader’s Choice Award! This year, our speakON Cubes are nominated in the “Cables & Interconnect Products” category.

Please encourage us by taking a minute to complete the ballot here: ProSoundWeb Readers Choice Awards

Thank you for your continued support of Digiflex!

Announcing the Digiflex speakON Cubes!

With great pride, we are pleased to launch a new series of products for the touring and production markets: Digiflex speakON Cubes!

Designed to support the needs of the production environment, Digiflex speakON Cubes are great little tools to help clean up stage cabling and shorten setup and teardown times. Run an entire monitor rig from two NL8’s coming from the amp racks, with short NL4 jumpers to reach the actual speakers, or set up a full line array with just one cable; these are just some examples of how to clean up your cabling.

See this Application Guide for a few examples of how to use the new speakON Cubes!

Compact Design

Compact Design

Robust Construction

Robust Construction

Integrated Fly Track

Integrated Fly Track

Please see this Price List Addendum for full details!

New Digiflex Catalogs are here!

We have revamped our catalogs to better reflect our clients needs. We have divided the catalogs by application to help quickly locate the cable you are looking for. Check out the new look and new layout here

AV image

Digiflex Dealer Locator

Longing to get your hands on that silky smooth top quality PVC jacket?

Dying to feel the satisfying CLICK! of that XLR latch?

Craving that sweet, sweet sound of pure tone running through that new Digiflex cable?

Fret no more, we’ve got your back!  The Digiflex dealer locator is online, now you can find your nearest dealer to get your fill of those ever so satisfying copper strands.

 Click here to try it out!


Digiflex Cat6 QUAD cable nominated for a ProSoundWeb/Live Sound Readers Choice Award!

We are super excited to see that, once again this year, we are nominated for a ProSoundWeb/Live Sound International Readers Choice Award! This year, our Cat6 QUAD cable is up for a prize in the hotly contested “Interconnect Products” category.

If you would like to encourage us, take a minute and fill out the ballot here: ProSoundWeb Readers Choice Awards

Thanks for your continued support!logo_rca_2016

Online Panel Designer – Blank cutouts

Following the launch of our Online Panel Designer, we’ve started getting some great comments and suggestions from designers and users. Some are complex and will require a lot of work, but are on the future design sheet, while others are easier to accomplish, and we can get them done quickly.

… and then there are some ideas that are so good and simple that we had a moment of collective face-palming…triplefacepalm

 Why didn’t we think of that????

So we got to work right away, and here they are: blank cutouts!

You can now add the following blank cut outs to your panels:

  • Neutrik D-size connector
  • Neutrik G-size connector
  • Decora
  • Edison AC Duplex
  • Veam-style 37 pin audio connector
  • Veam-style 150 pin audio connector
  • CPC-style 24 pin audio connector
  • MASS W4 audio connector
  • MASS W5 audio connector
  • Socapex-style 19 pin connector
  • QSC Q-SYS TSC-3 control panel
  • … more to come
OPD blanks

Online and ready to use now!

A new look for Digiflex

We are very excited to introduce the new look of Digiflex. As you may have noticed, we’ve changed our look and feel, with great new graphics and a streamlined new look.

It had been almost 15 years since the last big change, and the Digiflex oval was ready for retirement.

The new logo offers a clean, fresh look, which we intend to represent our new way of working with clients: simple, efficient, and fast. The stylized X is the crossroads, the connection point of what we do. Our business is interconnect, and we want to claim it loud and proud.

This is just the beginning of many changes to come, we hope you’ll enjoy them and will join us on the ride.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, requests, needs, or dreams, reach out to us, we love taking on new challenges.

Digiflex D6 Series Cat6a Network Cables

Designed and assembled by Digiflex in Canada, the new D6 Series is a scalable range of Cat6a network cables ideal for a multitude of touring and system-integration applications.

Dorval – Digiflex has announced the release of its new D6 Series Cat6a network cables. This line features the latest innovations in cable design for all applications, from simple equipment patching to high-bandwidth signal transmission up to 500Mhz at 10Gb/s.

D6AD6AEquipment and system manufacturers in the touring and system-integration industries are making greater demands today on interconnectivity than in previous years. Higher bandwidths, faster speeds and outstanding handling characteristics are the most common requirements. “Video walls and digital consoles are pushing the technical limits of regular Cat5. The D6 Series, with Cat6 and Cat6a assemblies, sets the benchmark for network cabling”, explains Richard Milley, product development specialist at Digiflex. “In particular, the D6A-TOUR cable was designed from the ground up as a touring cable and is unequalled in terms of flexibility, ruggedness and speed”.

With the industry shift towards networked audio, video, and data systems, and associated cabling to meet high rates of signal transmission, Digiflex is at the vanguard with the D6 Series. The demands of the Cat6 and Cat6a standards are stringent and therefore require cabling and infrastructure designed to the same accurate specifications. D6 Series cables are designed to meet and exceed this specification, and are thus suited for the fast and reliable transmission of full resolution audio and video signals, or any network-based data.

The D6 Series is a complete line of Cat6a network cables. It includes Cat6 UTP patch cables for equipment and patchbay interconnectivity (D6-PATCH), bulk-packaged FT4 and FT6 fire-rated installation-grade Cat6 UTP cables (D6-FT*), ruggedized Cat6 UTP cables for touring applications (D6-TOUR-U), and premium, ultra-fast, rugged and flexible Cat6a UTP & SF/UTP cables for touring applications, certified 10Gb/s up to 300′ (D6A-TOUR-*). The newest member of the family is the Cat6 QUAD, with 4 lines of full Cat6 in a single ruggedized jacket (D6-QUAD-S-*).

With the D6 Series, Digiflex has aligned itself to be an exclusively Cat6a production facility. Its personnels’ skills, knowledge and equipment have all been updated to be able to offer only the highest quality Cat6(a) products to their customers. Milley continues, “Our highly skilled production team use only Cat6 certified components. Digiflex is strictly a Cat6 production house – the future is here now”. Digiflex is so confident in the outstanding performance of its cables that it has distinguished itself as the only facility for the pro AV market to provide a detailed test report with each Cat6a touring-grade cable that is shipped, proving that the assembly meets (or exceeds) the Cat6a specification.

All D6 Series models are now available and shipping. Contact your local Digiflex dealer for more information.