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Here at SFM, we understand that our products are often used in mission-critical applications and for specific, time-sensitive events, which means that downtime simply isn’t an option.

SFM.FIX is a dedicated in-house team of skilled, factory-trained bench technicians and customer service representatives, backed by significant investments in a large spare parts inventory, diagnostic and repair equipment, and ongoing training. Tasked with providing unbeatable turnaround times, their ability to troubleshoot problems and conduct repairs on tight deadlines–even down to the component level on a circuit board–makes SFM.FIX quite simply the best service and repair organization in the business.

If you have a product that needs service, please follow the instructions below. If you simply want to return a fully-functioning product, please visit the returns section.


I would like to send my product back to:

Product(s) originally purchased from SFM

For service and repairs of SFM products, you may choose one of the following options.

Please visit the Authorized Reseller to return your product for service and repairs.


If you prefer to return your product to SFM or to one of our Authorized Service Centres for service and repairs, please note that our supplier warranty only covers one-way shipping whereas your authorized retailer may be able to provide additional options.


Fill in the Return Authorization form to request service and repair at SFM

Visit the Authorized Service Centre locator 

Read the SFM Service Policy 

Product(s) originally purchased from an Authorized Reseller