IC Realtime’s Starlight Camera Series is the Next Generation of Ultra High Performance Cameras

Starlight seriesThe ICIP-P2400 is a next generation ultra high performance point-and-zoom camera with super long range laser night vision and proprietary built-in video analytics called IVS (Intelligent Video Analysis).

This camera features the very best of long range optics in order to give you maximum resolution at a maximum range (40x optical zoom/16x Digital zoom) for large perimeter areas such as parking lots, warehouses, hospitals, auto dealerships, police stations and industrial facilities.

InSL3812 addition, the camera features a long range laser illuminator that turns nightime into daytime at up to 1500 ft. Laser nighttime illumination is superior to infrared because it has a more effective range and almost no introduced noise, making it ideal for high detail discernment of faces, vehicles, and objects over huge distances in zero light.

The camera also features a powerful object tracking of vehicles and people as they move within defined boundaries. The video analytics feature tripwire, intrusion, scene change, face detection, and much more.

SL3812NightWith a wide variety of rule configuration menus, users can set up a unique powerful video analytic settings and alerts. When the camera recognizes a rule violation it can send out snapshots, message, or trigger relays and alarms. This PTZ camera comes with Wide Dynamic Range, Ultra Digital Noise Reduction (2D/3D), Backlight Compensation, and white balance.

The camera includes endless 360 degree rotation, 300 presets, and Auto Pan, Auto Scan this PTZ can swiftly move from location to location with the click of a mouse using our 3D Intelligent Positioning control. Finally, the IP67 vandal proof housing is ready for harshest weather and is totally dust-proof and can survive being submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

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