Using a combination of Shure technology, as well as SFM’s and 3D Audio Visual Solutions’ own expertise, the remote Design Studio was put in accelerated development. 3D Audio Visual Solutions are now able to put remote conferencing technology to use, powering safe, remote demos in their Design Studio. This is truly the technology put in a position to sell itself.

3D Audio Visual Solutions was formed in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1998. They are a professional audio-visual integrator offering video collaboration solutions for businesses, governmental offices and educational facilities.

They continue to expand their presence and commitment to providing Atlantic Canadians the right mix of AV products, services and professional resources required to bridge the gap between technology and true collaboration.

With COVID-19 bringing on the cancellation of all conventions and tradeshows, 3D Audio Visual Solutions were no longer able to connect with customers in the traditional sense and showcase their products. Audio visual solutions products really need to be experienced in person to fully appreciate their capabilities.

Geoff Baker – President of 3D Audio Visual Solutions

3D Audio Visual Solutions reached out to SFM to partner for the project. Jodi Rhuland, SFM Eastern Sales representative, understood the vision and need for the new space. “As an audio-visual integrator 3D Audio Visual Solutions wanted to provide a complete experience able to fit any customer need.” After researching the best options for the space, Geoff and his team decided on the Shure IntelliMix P300 audio conferencing processor and an MXA710 linear array microphone, MXA mute button, and a set of Microflex MXN5W-C networked speakers. “It’s a full-service centre, there’s even a coffee bar with enough coffee mugs to caffeinate half the city!” said Rhuland.

The new 3D Audio Visual Solutions Design Centre offers customers a full audio-visual experience enabling them to see and hear a variety of products and scenarios, allowing for a well-educated and confident decision when choosing a systems solution.

The Design Studio has allowed 3D Audio Visual Solutions to showcase the best of breed technologies to many new and existing customers. The way people work and communicate has, and continues to change due to the pandemic. Geoff Baker and the whole team are very happy with the result. “It’s great to work in an industry that accommodates these challenges and to be able to highlight new solutions. It’s a wonderful feeling when you demonstrate a new AV solution to a client, and it just clicks with them by filling a specific need. There are many ‘wow factor’ moments each week and It’s really cool to be a part of that.”

Gear List:

1x P300-IMX
1x MXA710B-4FT
2x MXN5W-Cs
Shure branded coffee mugs for use during client demos