ADJ is excited to announce the immediate availability of its ground-breaking new Entour Ice tour-grade low-lying fog machine. Offering a significantly improved design over all other similar units currently on the market, this innovative device not only boasts extremely high output but also improved control options making it the perfect choice for theatrical performance, concert touring and special event production.

By combining heated water with solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), the Entour Ice is able to generate thick clouds of theatrical fog that cling close to the ground. Unlike other competing machines currently on the market, which feature a manual system for lowering a basket of dry ice into a tank of hot water, this innovative new machine utilizes an automated system that pumps the hot water into the dry ice chamber on cue. This not only allows remote triggering of the effect via DMX but also allows for improved precision over the output volume.

The fact that the dry ice is stored in an insulated compartment within the Entour Ice, kept separate from the heated water, means that it can be loaded into the unit well in advance of the effect being required (up to 10 hours). This isn’t possible with many competing products, as the dry ice is stored in a basket positioned just inches above the water, which means that the dry ice begins to sublimate (change to gas form) immediately – even before it is lowered into the water – generating unwanted premature output.

Another advantage of the Entour Ice is that it is supplied, as standard, with a 5 ft. (1.5m) hose and an output deflector nozzle. The hose allows the machine to be positioned out of sight of an audience when the effect is used for theatrical applications or to create the classic ‘dancing in the clouds’ effect on a wedding dancefloor. The nozzle, meanwhile, allows the dry ice output to be angled downwards which reduces the height of the fog clouds created compared to when using the machine without attaching the hose and nozzle.

With a dry ice capacity of 26.15lbs. (12kg) the unit has an approximate runtime at full output of 3.5 minutes during which an impressive 550 Sq. M / 5920 Sq. Ft of fog is created. The lid of the machine is hinged, allowing easy and convenient access to fill both the water tank and dry ice basket (which lifts out for added convenience). Once filled, the unit’s lid is locked securely into place using two heavy-duty latches. This not only seals in the dry ice, keeping it insulated until the effect is required, but also protects performers and the general public from the extremely low temperature of the dry ice and high temperature of the water.

The effect can be easily triggered directly from the back of the machine, set to run automatically using an in-built timer function or controlled remotely using DMX with a choice of three different channel modes (1, 2 and 6). For easy integration into any existing control system, the unit is fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets.

By varying the volume of water pumped into the dry ice chamber, it is possible to alter the machine’s output between 10-100% using either DMX or the on-board control panel. This features a backlit 32-character LCD display and makes DMX addressing and mode selection easy, while also displaying status information such as ‘Water Level Low’.

The machine has a water tank capacity of 8.5 gallons (32 liters) and is fitted with a useful outlet valve that allows convenient draining after use. It is fitted with dual heating elements each supplied by a dedicated powerCON input connection and rated at 1450 Watts @ 120V (3000 Watts @ 230V). This allows a full tank of water to be heated in 90 minutes @ 120V (45 minutes at 230V). An electronic thermal protection system disables the heating elements when the tank is filled to less than its minimum capacity and also ensures the water temperature doesn’t exceed a maximum setting. This can be configured to 65°C , 70°C, 75°C or 80°C, which allows further control over the output effect (the higher the temperature, the quicker the sublimation process, meaning increased output but decreased run time from a full chamber of dry ice).

Making it extremely convenient to store and transport, the Entour Ice is supplied built-in to a touring-grade road case. The lid is fitted with a pair of recessed bar handles, for easy maneuvering, as well as four butterfly catches which secure it to the base tray. The machine itself is mounted to this tray, which means that the four heavy-duty locking castors fitted underneath can be used to move the unit into position when its tank has been filled with water. This unique integrated flight case design makes the Entour Ice ideal both for rental companies and use on touring productions.

“While we realize that ADJ are by no means the first to market with a dry ice machine, our R&D team has taken the time to listen to the opinions and concerns of those already using similar products and have used that valuable input to build a truly innovative unit that we genuinely believe is far superior to anything else currently on the market, ” enthuses ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “The Entour Ice not only features a unique water-pumped system that allows for remote activation and accurate output volume control, it is built into a touring grade flight case making it factory-ready to enter into rental stock or hit the road with a touring production. Here at ADJ we’re incredibly proud of this innovative product and can’t wait to get it into the hands of event production professionals worldwide, we’re also so confident in its excellent build quality that we are offering the Entour Ice with a two-year (730 day) warranty as standard.”

The Entour Ice is available now from ADJ subsidiaries, distributors and dealers worldwide. It joins the existing Entour range of professional atmospheric generators, which includes the Entourage touring grade faze machine, the Entour Cyclone DMX-controlled fan and Entour Snow professional-caliber synthetic snow machine.