ADJ kicked off the year by unveiling a slick new logo and the fervor is set to continue when the company launches six innovative new products at NAMM 2016, bringing pure lighting excitement to the show-floor!

Airstream DMX Bridge

airstream-dmx-bridgeFacilitating the remote control of ADJ lighting using a convenient iOS app, the new Airstream DMX Bridge from ADJ will be unveiled at NAMM 2016, much to the excitement of lighting enthusiasts across the industry! A powerful DMX control solution, the Airstream DMX Bridge hardware creates a WiFi network, while the Airstream IR App enables WiFLY-compatible ADJ and Elation fixtures within that network to be operated from afar, letting users control their lighting wirelessly using their handheld iOS devices. Furthermore, fitted with ADJ’s EXR extended-range wireless DMX transceiver, the product enables control from a distance of up to 2,500ft, for true flexibility. The hardware portion of the controller also has 3-pin DMX In/Out so any DMX product may be controlled by the Airstream DMX Bridge.

Crazy Pocket 8
crazy-pocket-8Essentially an ON-X mounted onto a moving head, the Crazy Pocket 8 utilizes two independently tilting bars (each with four lenses) and 3W quad-color (RGBA) LEDs to create tight, quick-sweeping beams that shoot out at every angle to fill the room with energized color lighting. Boasting 8-zone chasing as well as DMX-control and compatibility with the game-changing Airstream IR app, the options are there for users to unlock their creative side with this crazy piece of compact lighting – ideal for nightclubs, stage performances and mobile entertainers!

Inno Pocket Spot LZR
inno-pocket-spot-lzrThe hugely popular Inno Pocket Spot has been given an exciting upgrade! Fitted with a powerful 30mW green cluster laser, the new Inno Pocket Spot LZR is a mini moving head that’s set to really stir things up on the show-floor, when its unstoppable two-in-one effects and flexible pan/tilt movement are unleashed at NAMM 2016. Packing a bright 12W LED source, as well as seven colors (plus white), seven GOBOs (plus spot) and separate color/GOBO wheels, this pocket-sized fixture is perfect for bars, small clubs, bowling centers and mobile productions that require high-energy displays of fast-moving beams and eye-catching color changes.

Stinger II
stinger2Picking up where the original left off, ADJ’s new Stinger II is fitted with six 5W HEX LEDs (RGBAWP) and eight 3W UV LEDs, in place of white strobe LEDs, allowing users to generate a powerful fusion effect that sees moving LED beams, UV washes and ‘Galaxian-style’ laser dots combine for something truly spectacular! A mobile-friendly fixture that offers a new dimension of excitement for DJs, bands, clubs, bars, roller rinks and bowling centers, the Stinger II provides a simple solution for creating room-filling displays of razor-sharp beams and intense lasers, embellished with luscious a UV glow.

vms5The latest edition to ADJ’s American Audio range of VMS DJ controllers, the VMS5 is the model that will supersede the popular VMS4.1, offering up loads of new key features, including larger platters, a color-coded LED-lit mixer section and improved button layout. Visitors to NAMM 2016 will see the forward-thinking VMS5 in action on the ADJ/American Audio booth, where NAMM attendees may demo its 6-MIDILOG channels, high-quality audio engine and vast range of MIDI knobs, faders and buttons to demonstrate the true potential of this Virtual DJ 8 LE-ready controller!

WiFLY NE1 Battery
wifly-ne1-battery-1A battery-powered version of the WiFLY NE1, the new WiFLY NE1 Battery is a 432 DMX controller that boasts the same great features as its predecessor, but with the added bonus of a 10-hour battery life that makes truly wireless lighting control a reality! Designed for use with the popular Inno Series and most DMX products with 36 channels or less, the WiFLY NE1 Battery lets users control up to 12 WiFLY-compatible fixtures via wireless DMX. It also offers a built-in FX generator and an intuitive layout that makes the controller accessible to users at all levels of experience, ensuring professional results without the hassle of complicated operation.