Fitted with a variable beam angle and a high-power quad-color LED source, the latest addition to ADJ’s popular Inno Pocket series – the Inno Pocket Z4 – can create dense beams and wide washes from one compact unit, letting users generate pure lighting excitement in various forms!


Ever-expanding and consistently favored by a wide range of lighting users – especially those with a need for portable but powerful effects – the Inno Pocket Series offers an eclectic selection that includes the hugely popular Spot, Wash, Scan and Roll. Now, ADJ has added a new effect to the range: the Inno Pocket Z4, a mini moving head that packs power and versatility into one compact unit.

Utilizing four 10W quad-color (RGBW) LEDs and a variable 10-60-degree beam angle, the new Inno Pocket Z4 lets users switch between concise slicing beams and far-reaching washes. This gives users the flexibility to create high-output color effects that can be used to fulfill a range of purposes, whether bringing vibrancy and movement to the dance-floor or washing a stage or seating area in swathes of smoothly-mixed color.


This unrivaled flexibility is partly down to the fixture’s variable beam angle, facilitated by a full zoom feature, but also down to its 540-degree pan and 180-degree tilt movement, which gives users increased scope with which to send spellbinding beams and wide color washes whirling around the venue and down onto the dance-floor.

Using the unit’s pan/tilt inversion mode, this movement can also be inverted, allowing users to generate a synchronized mirrored lighting display, that runs through in-built lightshows, when multiple Pocket Z4s are linked together in master/slave configuration. In terms of these built-in programs, the Z4 offers four, giving users plenty of diversity when running Sound Active mode or linking multiple units in master/slave configuration.

Taking the unit’s capacity for unique effects creation even further, users also have access to slow-fast strobing. Ideal for those DJs, venues and event organizers catering to clubbers and younger crowds, these strobe effects can be easily triggered, adding intensity to an already energetic and color-filled lightshow. Thanks to 0-100% dimming, the brightness of the unit’s effects can be easily controlled to match the mood of the events, whether users want to develop a subdued atmosphere during the first dance or trigger ultra-bright strobe effects for the last song of the night. ADJ has also ensured that users have zone control over the Z4’s LEDs, letting them to create eye candy for the dance-floor by mapping each individual LED for different combinations of color.


“Our Inno Pocket range of compact but powerful lighting effects is one that’s always expanding,” says Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Thanks to its variable beam angle and powerful quad-color source, the brand new Inno Pocket Z4 lives up to the reputation of its sister models, providing users with fast-moving beams and beautiful washes from one compact fixture, whether they’re an event organizer, venue manager, mobile DJ, church, rental company or the owner of a roller rink.”

uc-ir-aistream-irIn terms of control, ADJ gives users access to three primary operational modes: Sound Active, Show and DMX-Controlled, the latter of which gives users access to 16-, 19- and 22-channel modes, offering in-depth control and more creative freedom. In the 16-channel DMX mode, users have access to master dimming and individual color dimming, as well as being able to adjust zoom, trigger and adjust strobe effects, and control standard and fine pan and tilt movement. For even more versatility, the 19-channel mode adds color macro selection, access to color change/fade speed settings, and dimmer curve selection, while the 22-channel mode takes it further with pan/tilt macro selection and the ability to change the macro speed and pan/tilt movement speed.

The separately sold ADJ UC IR wireless remote is also compatible with the Inno Pocket Z4, allowing control over a range of the unit’s features from up to 30ft (9m). So, whether users are on-stage, up in the booth, behind the lighting desk or stuck at the bar, they can control the effects of the Z4 to produce pure lighting exciting for their audiences and guests. The Z4 is also compatible with ADJ’s Airstream IR App for iOS devices. The App will allow users basic control from the convenience of your iPad or iPhone and may be downloaded for free in the App Store. User will need to purchase the Airstream IR Adapter to communicate from the App to the lighting fixture.

For those users that really want to take their lightshow to the next level, multiple Inno Pocket Z4 fixtures can be DMX-linked, so lighting designers and other users can craft a complex lightshow that runs across a number of fixtures, resulting in bigger impact and a more memorable show for audiences and guests.

inno-pocket-z4-rearObviously, for mobile users wanting to transport and setup multiple Inno Pocket Z4 fixtures, portability and compactness are both key. ADJ has ensured that, despite its adaptability and range of features, the Inno Pocket Z4 remains lightweight and compact, weighing 7lbs (3.2kg) and measuring 5.5 x 6.75 x 9.75in (141 x 174 x 247mm).

The ideal effect for lighting users at all levels, the Inno Pocket Z4 packs a range of professional features into one highly portable unit, giving everyone from mobile DJs to venue owners the freedom to create both tight slicing beams and immersive color washes, without the need to blow their budget on multiple effects.

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