Following the success of the Entour Faze atmospheric generator, ADJ is pleased to introduce the new Entour Faze Jr. This extremely compact and affordable machine generates a thin hazy mist that is ideal for accentuating the beams of a lightshow and can either be installed permanently in a venue or used portably for one-off event production.

Based on the same technology as its bigger brother, the Entour Faze Jr is a hybrid between a traditional fog machine and a haze generator. It uses standard water-based fog fluid (ADJ recommends the F4L ECO fluid, which is a lighter blend ideal for this purpose) but dissipates it using a high-power fan to create an atmospheric haze-like effect instead of the thick plume of smoke associated with a regular fog machine.

The 200W machine features ADJ’s patent-pending rapid heater technology and can be ready to produce haze in just 70 seconds. It has a 1.5-liter tank capacity and a fluid consumption rate of just 2.2 ml. per minute, which means that it can run for over 11 hours from a single tank of fluid. The tank is also removable, which makes for convenient refilling, especially if the machine is permanently installed high up in a venue.

The unit is supplied with an Entour VT-1 25ft. / 7.5M wired remote control, which features an output volume control as well as status LED indicators: red for ‘power on’ and green for ‘ready’. A manual activation switch on the machine itself allows for use without the remote and it also features a low fluid LED indicator and automatic cut-off circuit which protects the pump if the tank runs dry.

With a robust metal casing design, the Entour Faze Jr is fitted with a scissor yoke that can either be used as a variable-angle hanging bracket or floor stand. It is also fitted with large rubber feet as well as a 90-degree adjustable air deflector. This makes the unit extremely flexible, suitable for easy deployment standing directly onto the floor of a venue or stage as well as rigging to a temporary truss or permanent installation fixed to the roof or wall of a venue. The unit is also fitted with a safety hole for the attachment of a safety wire or chain for when it is hung.

Measuring 13.6” x 7.5” x 10.5” / 345 x 192 x 267mm (L x W x H), the Entour Faze Jr is an extremely compact machine ideal for use in small venues where space is at a premium and by mobile entertainers who have limited vehicle space. Weighing it at just 10.5 lbs. / 4.8 kg, the machine is also easy and convenient to carry and rig.

“The ADJ Entour range of atmospheric generators features a variety of faze machines, suitable for all sizes of venue and event, however the Entour Faze Jr is the smallest and most affordable yet,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “It is ideal for use in bars, lounges and small nightclubs, as well as by mobile entertainers and production companies working on smaller events.”