Having previously been distributed by sister company Elation Professional as the 4Cast DMX Bridge, ADJ is pleased to announce that the 4 Stream DMX Bridge is now available as a logical next step up to the popular ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge. A 4-universe device that seamlessly bridges Wi-Fi, Art-Net/sACN and WiFLY (ADJ’s wireless DMX solution), the 4 Stream DMX Bridge allows wireless control of both WiFLY enabled and standard cabled DMX fixtures direct from an iPad tablet using the powerful Airstream DMX Pro app.

Capable of creating a private standalone 2.4GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) WiFi network, which coexists in busy RF environments alongside other wireless technologies, the 4 Stream DMX Bridge requires no existing network infrastructure to connect wirelessly with an iPad loaded with the Airstream DMX Pro App and WiFLY-enabled lighting fixtures. Alternatively, the device can also be setup to join an existing Wi-Fi network for integration with other devices.

The 4 Stream DMX Bridge is capable of controlling one universe of WiFLY DMX, alongside three additional standard universes of DMX connected using the 5-pin DMX sockets located on the sides of the unit. This makes for a total of four DMX universes, for a maximum of 2048 control channels. The device features two separate wireless antennas: one for connection direct to an iPad, or to an existing network, and the other for WiFLY connection to compatible ADJ Lighting fixtures. The unit features ADJ’s WiFLY EXR (extended range) technology, which means that it can be used to control compatible devices wirelessly from a distance of up to 1,500 feet.

Although it is an extremely compact device, measuring just 4.92″/125mm x 6.88″/175mm x 2.44″/62mm (LxWxH) and weighing a mere 1.06 lbs./0.48kg, the unit itself is robustly built with a tough metal shell. It also offers two convenient mounting options, making it easy to install permanently or use as part of a temporary event lighting setup. The back of the unit features a powerful in-built magnet, which allows it to easily attach directly to any flat metal surface, while it can also be mounted to truss by connecting the supplied mini omega bracket to a suitable clamp (clamp not supplied).

As well as a network activity indicator LED, the unit boasts a backlit 32-character LCD display screen, together with four push buttons, which provides easy setup and mode selection. However, more advanced configuration is also available from a PC connected via the unit’s USB Mini B port using the 4 Stream DMX Bridge Setup Windows app or over Wi-Fi using the ADJ 4 Stream DMX Bridge Config iOS app.

For lighting control, the ADJ Airstream DMX Pro iPad app, which is available as a free download from the Apple App Store (requires iOS 11.0 or later), is based on ADJ’s popular Airstream DMX app but with many additional features and enhancements. Designed for small-to-medium-sized venues such as nightclubs, event centers and houses of worship, as well for mobile event production, it provides simple and intuitive control of up to 576 lighting fixtures across four DMX universes directly from an iPad.

The app includes useful tools such as an on-screen palette for color mixing and a pan/tilt control pad, as well as an effects generator for movement, color and flash effects. It features 99 Scene banks, each allowing the storage and instant recall of 24 custom scenes. These can be given a custom label and color, or even assigned a photo from the iPad’s camera. Multiple scenes can then be sequenced together and stored as Shows (with another 99 banks each containing 24 slots).

A large fixture library is supplied with the app, covering the whole ADJ and Elation Professional catalogue of professional lighting and effects equipment as well as a vast number of additional fixtures from other leading brands. It also incorporates an in-built profile Editor, which can be used to easily create custom profiles if one isn’t included for a particular fixture.

“The Airstream DMX Bridge has proved to be an extremely popular product for ADJ, with many lighting users enjoying the freedom of being able to control their show wirelessly direct from their iPad,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “However as customers develop their lighting career, expand their gear inventory and take on larger events, some find that a single DMX universe isn’t enough. That’s why we’re excited to now be able to offers the 4 Stream DMX Bridge as part of the ADJ catalog of professional lighting products, allowing four DMX universes to be controlled wirelessly from a single iPad.”

A powerful lighting control device, the 4 Stream DMX Bridge provides a versatile interface between wireless control, WiFLY-enabled fixtures and regular cabled DMX equipment. Combined with the powerful Airstream DMX Pro app, it provides a programmable lighting control system capable of running small-to-medium-sized lightshows direct from an iPad anywhere within a venue. It is ideal for event production applications, as well as permanent installation in bars, nightclubs, roller rinks, bowling alleys, entertainment centers and houses of worship. This compact unit allows for reliable wireless transmission in any situation where running physical data cables is unsightly or impractical.

The ADJ 4 Stream DMX Bridge is available now from ADJ subsidiaries, distributors and dealers worldwide. It joins ADJ’s extensive range of DMX control solutions that includes the myDMX and Compu Show software ranges as well as a variety of hardware-based and app-controlled solutions.