Addressing the need for affordable but high-quality video panels, ADJ’s first ever modular LED video panel, the AV6, is a compact, easily-linkable unit that offers bright, ultra-vivid visuals – without the price tag!

adj-av6AFor a while now, video panels have been expensive and bulky, making them accessible only to production companies with big budgets, and the right means of transport and storage. Up to this point, despite being incredibly effective visual tools, the majority of video panel solutions just haven’t been suited to the portable needs of mobile entertainers and event producers, or the “real world budgets” of most nightclubs, bars and churches. All that is starting to change, with the release of ADJ’s first ever modular LED video panel – the AV6 – which gives such users a means of adding high-quality video screens to their setup without exceeding their budget.

Designed by ADJ for use in churches, nightclubs and bars, as well by high-end mobile entertainers and production companies on a budget, the AV6 is a revolutionary step for affordable video panel solutions. Due to its range of quality features, easily-linkable design and compact dimensions, this ground-breaking video panel will change the way users work and open up new doors for their businesses by adding exciting visual effects to their lighting displays.


ADJ has designed the AV6 with a pixel pitch of 0.25in, a pixel density of 27,777 pixel/m2 and a powerful 3-in-1 SMD2121 LED source, ensuring that users have access to an expansive, vivid display with a total brightness of 1200 NITS. Exciting visuals and exhilarating video footage can be easily projected across the panel using control software, making it perfect for use on stage, behind the DJ booth or mounted onto the ceilings and walls of venues. Offering extraordinary results, the video effects produced by the AV6 boast brilliance, clarity and color, so users can provide audiences with a unique visual experience.

However, ADJ has also ensured that these effects aren’t just limited to clubs, events and party environments. The AV6 is ideal for incorporating video effects into a house of worship, allowing members and lighting designers to bring a modern feel to their church by broadcasting relevant video footage and atmosphere-enhancing visuals during services and stage performances. Furthermore, the AV6 is a feasible upgrade for high-budget, larger mobile DJ rigs, supplying them with an easy-to-use video panel solution that will take their existing lightshow to the next level!

“Innovation is one of our core principals and we’re incredibly pleased to have released the AV6 – our first ever modular LED video panel,” explains Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Thanks to its compact, simple-to-use design, stunning visual effects and reasonable price point, the AV6 is not only a versatile, forward-looking video solution, but also one that puts powerful video effects in the hands of those lighting users working with more limiting budgets.”

adj-av6CAside from being easy to use, the AV6 is a lightweight video solution that manages to maintain its capacity for big-impact effects! Weighing in at just 23 lbs. (10.4kg), it’s perfect for mobile DJs, entertainers and event producers that need an easily transportable video panel. Users can also easily incorporate multiple panels into their portable setup, safe in the knowledge that they can take eye-catching video effects with them wherever they go. Measuring 22.75 x 22.75 x 3in (577 x 577 x 76mm), these compact dimensions help keep things portable too, making it easy for users to store multiple panels, both during and outside of transit.

Enabling users to project impactful visuals across a single screen of any size or shape, ADJ has designed the AV6 primarily for use with other AV6 panels. Thanks to this user-friendly, quick-lock design, linking these multiple panels together is a simple process, while users can run the power and data cables out of either end of their video wall, the the hassle of complex wiring issues. With secure mounting options, the AV6 panels can also be fixed to ceilings and walls, allowing users to produce hypnotic, visually-entrancing displays above the dance-floor, or display video footage during stage performances and special events.

Along with the AV6 panels, ADJ has all the components and accessories needed to connect and use these high res panels.  The MCTRL-300 Video Processor is required to send content from a computer (sold separately) to the AV6 panels. ADJ offers all the necessary cables to connect the AV6, such as, data linking cables, power linking cables and safety cables. The AV6RB1 is the rigging bar to connect and hang up to 20 panels together vertically. ADJ also offers two software solutions to manage and control content: Media Master Express 4 and GrandVJ 2.0. And lastly, up to eight (8) AV6 panels may be stored and shipped in the AV6FC protective flight case.

Displaying ADJ’s commitment to innovation, versatility and affordability, the new AV6 makes high-quality video effects a possibility for all lighting users, including nightclubs, bars and churches, as well as mobile entertainers, production companies and lighting designers! Thanks to its smart design and game-changing effects, this compact but impactful video panel is more than capable of transforming ordinary lightshows into something special. So, users of all kinds can utilize vivid video effects to create pure lighting excitement for audiences, guests and congregations alike.

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