Utilizing three-in-one, high-impact effects to provide a lightshow like no other, the Stinger II from ADJ builds on its predecessor, combining an upgraded UV LED strobe feature with powerful red/green laser beams and multi-color moonflower effects + UC IR and Airstream IR control!

Stinger IIIn the modern world of entertainment, flexibility and the ability to create attention-grabbing multi-faceted effects are two key essentials, especially for users on the move or those working with limited space, such as mobile DJs, event organizers and small clubs. ADJ’s compact new Stinger II is a forward-thinking combination of moonflower, strobe and laser, providing users with versatility and portability at a fair price.

Three really is a magic number – and the new Stinger II proves it! Broadening the appeal of ADJ’s popular Startec Series, this exciting new effect boasts six 5W hex-color LEDs (RGBA + White and Pink) and a powerful 30mW red/green laser, while a circle of eight atmosphere-enhancing UV 3W LEDs replaces the original Stinger’s white LEDs, making way not only for impactful strobe effects but UV washes and color-embellishment too.

When these three elements come colliding together, users are left with a boundary defying fusion of razor-sharp ‘Galaxian’ laser beams, vibrant displays of shifting moonflower effects, and plush UV washes amplified by high-impact strobing. These far-reaching displays of color-changing beams and immersive washes give users the freedom to take their lightshows into entirely unique dimensions, making the Stinger II ideal for bands, DJs, clubs, bars, roller rinks and bowling centers looking to enhance their setup with a compact but room-filling effect.

Amplifying these breath-taking three-in-one effects, ADJ has also fitted the Stinger II with long-life stepper motor technology (1.8-degree), allowing for accurate positioning and dynamic movement, whether users need the effects to move rapidly around the venue or maneuver delicately for a more-fluid, smooth display during mood music. This latter style of lighting is perfect for the first dance at weddings, while the former offers an intensity that will bring the floor to life inside any nightclub or venue.

Stinger II FXFurthermore, a selection of 15 pre-set colors ensures that the color of the Stinger II’s effects can be successfully matched to suit the style of the venue or the branding of the event that the lighting is being provided for.  Whether clients require a static UV glow (for a subdued atmosphere), a sleek amber-gold color (for a wedding first dance) or simply want the red/green lasers to create pure lighting excitement on the dance-floor, the numerous features of the Stinger II make any request a possibility.

“While we realize that the original Stinger has been hugely popular with a wide range of our customers, we also understand that ADJ users are always looking to get more from our products,” explained Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Building on its predecessor, the new Stinger II has been fitted with an upgraded UV LED wash feature, while offering the awesome red/green laser beams and multi-color moonflower effects that made the original effect so revered. Compact, cost-effective and forward-thinking, our customers will be hard pushed to find a three-in-one lighting fixture that offers more bang for your buck than the Stinger II.”

While these game-changing new features give users a mobile-friendly way to bring new levels of pure lighting excitement to the parties and events they work, the massively versatile Stinger II wouldn’t be quite as exceptional without the flexible control to match. ADJ has ensured that the Stinger II offers a range of control modes, with the option to use Sound Active and DMX-Controlled settings, as well as compatibility with the separately sold UC IR wireless remote and free-to-download Airstream IR App.

Thanks to its exciting built-in programs, users can achieve wide-ranging lightshows that fully utilize the three-in-one effects offered by the Stinger II, making for a super-effective sound-to-light setting and automatic master/slave displays with plenty of punch. For those who want to take their lighting to new heights in terms of creativity, however, a two-setting (2-channel and 9-channel) DMX-Controlled mode allows the Stinger II’s effects and settings to be tailored and adjusted to suit their needs, both practical and artistic. Lastly, for the flexibility of wireless control, the unit can be operated using ADJ’s separately sold UC IR remote or the free-to-download Airstream IR App (which allows users to trigger effects and change settings from the screen of their iOS device).

Along with offering awesome triple effects and a range of control options, ADJ has ensured that the Stinger II – like its predecessor – is a portable, reliable and hard-wearing fixture that can be just as easily incorporated into mobile setups as it can be installed in nightclubs, roller rinks and bars. Weighing in at just 11lbs (4.9kg) and with compact measurements of 12 x 9 x 12.25in (approx. 305 x 229 x 311), it’s the ideal lighting effect for venues with limited space or bands that want to supply their own lighting while out on the road. Further practicalities come by way of daisy-chaining the power, linking up to 10 fixtures as part of an expansive setup, and all-night operation, thanks to the Stinger II having no duty cycle.

Giving modern lighting users the power and versatility to fill the dance-floor with an awesome cocktail of razor-sharp laser beams, colorful moonflower patterns and UV-embellished strobe effects, the compact and cost-effective new Stinger II is the ultimate three-in-one lighting fixture! Also providing a range of control options, the ADJ Stinger II lets user bring pure lighting excitement to their audiences in a variety of forms, whether it’s fast-moving beams, sleek UV washes or powerful strobing – or all three! For triple impact FX, look no further.

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What’s the difference between the Stinger & Stinger II? DJ guru Brian S. Redd explains: