The FR20 DTW is an incredibly compact, yet surprisingly potent, wash fixture that is ideal for a wide variety of stage, theatre and commercial applications where space is limited. It is the most recent addition to ADJ’s popular Encore range of LED-powered stage lighting.

The Encore FR20 DTW is powered by a 17W LED engine and is equipped with a 2-inch Fresnel lens. It produces a soft-edged beam with a 19-degree beam angle and is perfect for illuminating small stages, performance areas and displays. It is also supplied with a Frost Filter, which can be used to increase the beam angle up to 45-degrees, as well as a gel frame that can be used to hold colored gels (sold separately) in front of the lens. Removable metal barn doors are also included as standard, which can be used to adjust the beam dispersion.

The fixture generates a warm white wash with a color temperature of 3000K and also features Dim to Warm technology. This means that the light source incorporates an LED element with a lower color temperature which is automatically mixed into the light output as the dimming level is decreased, creating the appearance of the incandescent glow associated with halogen lamps as they are turned on and off.

A manual dimming knob is located on the rear of the fixture, which can be used to alter its output between 0 and 100%. However, unlike most LED-powered units, the fixture is also Triac-dimmable. It is compatible with ADJ’s range of DMX dimmer packs – including the two-channel Uni Pak II and four-channel DP-415R or DP-DMX20L models – as well as Lutron and Leviton wall dimmers. This means the fixture can be easily integrated into an existing dimmer-based stage lighting setup or included as part of a regular commercial lighting installation.

The Encore FR20 DTW is a unique fixture that is perfect for a wide range of situations that require a professional-caliber, but extremely small, Fresnel fixture. As well as small theatre and stage productions, it is ideal for shop window displays, art galleries, coffee shops with performance areas and church youth rooms.

Offering a light output of 600LUX, measured at a distance of 3M, the Encore FR20 DTW is an ideal solution for illuminating small performances areas. Thanks to its efficient LED light source, very little excess heat is generated which will help to keep the on-stage temperature cool for performers. The fixture’s LED also offers an operational life of 50,000 hours, which eliminates the time and cost involved in replacing lamps that comes with traditional halogen lamp-based units.