In this age of technological development, famed audio engineer, singer, and musician Alan Parsons understands the impact and importance of legacy. Having worked with famed acts such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and of course his own formation, The Alan Parsons Project, Parsons has a deep understanding of the education, history, and musicianship that has both upheld and inspired the technology in the modern-day studio space.

It is with this backdrop of Parsons’ great significance that sixty music lovers gathered at a recent event in Montreal, Quebec—curated by Canadian financier and Parsons’ business partner, M. France—to hear Parsons himself lecture on the history and techniques of sound engineering. The talk’s tone was one of respect for history that emphasized the need for an industry understanding on the origin stories and legacies that has formed the rich foundation for current software plug-ins. Additionally, attendees were also given a studio tour and surround sound listening experience, using Genelec products to hint at the infinite possibilities of sound.

The event was not without its challenges, such as outfitting the multipurpose studio room with the configuration that would do justice to the sound, as well as adjust to the room’s low height. However, Mike Calo, Canadian brand manager for Genelec, worked with the event organizers to ensure a Genelec-supported product selection that offered an immersive sound experience, picking The Ones series as the perfect monitors to take on this challenging environment.

“The Ones by Genelec were the perfect monitors to support an event of this calibre.” Recounts Mike Calo, “The Ones have the cutting edge technology to reproduce subtleties of the source materials, and Genelec’s auto-calibration software took things a step further by calibrating and tuning the room for the discerning audience. The auto-calibration software compensated for room characteristics and ensured that the frequency response was flat at the listening position.”

Properly representing Alan Parson’s life’s work was a tall order—a challenge accepted and amply delivered on thanks to Genelec’s ultra-capable products, which further included monitors 8351 SAM™, 8340 SAM™, and 8351 SAM™, as well as the GLM™ AutoCal system.  “We knew that choosing Genelec would appeal to the studio’s audiophiles for its neutrality, technology, and quality carefully established by Genelec’s audio engineers,” said Patrick Pouliot, who helped design the project. “The Alan Parsons event at our studio was an outstanding success, the quality of the studio’s sound and recording equipment has both lived up to expectations and contributed to its success” concluded Pouliot.

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