AudioPressBox is a highly specialized manufacturer of professional audio distribution devices for press conferences and corporate events. They offer a unique range of portable and fixed installation solutions that are tailored and designed to be the simplest and most reliable answer for every project demand. In many cases, portable press conference devices won’t necessarily fit the bill so the ability to offer a permanent installation solution becomes paramount with regard to sealing the deal. Often time an integrated solution for press conference audio is requested for the construction of courthouses, airports, government institutions, public utilities, education facilities and many more. In order to provide convenient access to the press indoor or outdoor alike, AudioPressBox presents a unique solution for fixed flush mounted in-wall or on-wall press feed installations. All you need is an active drive unit and an in-wall or on-wall expander in order to provide independent, high-quality isolated outputs for the TV companies, reporters, camera operators and journalists that are present in the press environment. Get a clear and reliable audio signal with AudioPressBox’s complete technological solution for permanent installation press conference demands. Check the INSTALLATION section of the AudioPressBox website for more product information. AudioPressBox products come with a two-year limited warranty.