ask-marioIt’s URC time!

Many URC Complete Control products are equipped with a built-in clock. Here are 3 tips you may not know about:


MX Sleep Timer

On most MX remotes you can transform any button into a sleep timer. You can trigger the system off macro, or a lighting scene as an example.

In CCP select the button you want to use and simply check the hourglass icon in the macro window.


The function in the macro will then be executed after a certain amount of minutes selected by the user.


KP4000/MX5000/MX app Event Timer

The network controllers go one step further. With them you can schedule commands using their elaborate event timer menu.

Double click on a networked controller in the System Designer window, and then in the Model Designer window right click to bring up the circumstantial menu. Then click on “Event Timer”.


From there the programmer can create events that happen once, daily, weekly or monthly at or from a specific date and time. The action is an alias to any button you programmed, so it could be a simple action or an elaborate macro.


As an example, this can be used to keep a device awake, like a satellite TV receiver, by periodically sending a command.

Remote’s Screen Clock

Finally, if it shows incorrect time, a clock is annoying and useless. Most owners won’t remember how to, or even bother adjusting it. Here’s how to make it disappear on the full graphic remotes:

On the remote main page, click on the clock in the “Simulator View”. Then uncheck “Display Text” in the property window.


As for the text based MX880, it’s a lot trickier as there’s no official way to get rid of it. So here’s how I personally make it invisible: I put a white background behind it so the white clock digits are no longer visible. It’s still there, but you can’t see it.


For every MX880 “Theme” there’s a file that contains all the graphical elements. It is saved in .vfd format and there’s a way to edit the images in there. However that’s another topic. In the meantime if you want my clock-less Alpha theme, send me an email.

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