ask-marioWhat kind of help can I get from SFM’s application specialists when I’m programming on a jobsite?

We know that with today’s technology, integrators have to use configuration and programming software for every brand they install. We also realize that some of these software are not used regularly and even a well-trained integrator will need help.

Although it’s always possible to call for assistance, nothing replaces being there. Until teleportation becomes a reality, we have started working with services that allow manipulating the programming software just like if we were there. And that has really revolutionized how we can do technical support for our dealers. A lot of technicians are now familiar with the famous TeamViewer software.

There’s also LogMeIn and GoToAssist that are popular services since the support technician only need to send a link by email to initiate the session. Of course this fantastic technology is dependent on internet access, but 3G and 4G LTE is now going where no cable or DSL has gone before. Sending the project file is still a great way to help us understand the issue, but sometimes it doesn’t tell the whole story. So next time you’re going in circles setting-up one of our products, give-us a call, let us see your laptop and we’ll resolve the issue efficiently!

Send your technical questions to and each month Mario will answer one of your questions. Dealer’s name will be held confidential.