I have only one Cat5e cable going to the TV. Is there a way to connect a Just Add Power receiver and have wired internet access?


Yes it is possible, even if you have a single CAT cable from the rack to the display. Smart TVs work better with a wired internet access, as with local sources like BluRay players, AppleTV and gaming consoles.

On the Just Add power side of things, there is no special configuration needed in JADConfig to have internet on ports designated for the video receivers. In the room at the TV you would need to insert a gigabit switch, like the Luxul XGS-1008, in between the managed switch that runs the Just Add Power HD video distribution and the 2G Just Add Power receiver. In this example, you would have six remaining ports available for the internet-accessible devices. Then, the only configuration needed is to enable the DHCP server on one receiver in the installation, to provide an IP address to all internet-accessible devices. Follow this link to access a document that explains how to enable the DHCP server to provide internet access on receiver ports.

There is plenty of bandwidth left for internet traffic when there is a video signal going, even with the new 3G products that offers 4K UltraHD video resolution. However, with these the switch for the local internet-accessible devices needs Jumbo Frame support like the AMS-1208P Layer3 switch from Luxul.

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