ask-marioMy customer wants HD cameras, but he also wants covert cameras inside and his TeleDoorBell recorded. All exterior cameras are pre-wired with a single Cat5e, help!

Now days everybody wants to sell and install HD cameras that are connected and powered with a single Cat cable. However in some situations speciality cameras are required. The best long range long zoom cameras are still analog, as with most fake smoke detectors and motion sensors. IC Realtime i-Sniper PIXIM cameras are the best in the industry to cope with light sources, but they’re analog as well. Until now you had to specify something like an expensive IC Realtime hybrid 800H8, or use two recorders which is still expensive and also impractical.

Now there’s an ideal solution that will make system design and integration easy flexible and cost effective: IC Realtime just upgraded their Flex series, and now offers hybrid capability. What’s amazing is price stayed pretty much the same. This makes the Flex series an unbeatable option in the surveillance industry. Rack mount analog and IP camera recording with up to 8 internal HDD that can stream to home automation touch screens with a 10 years warranty, what a powerful package! But wait, there’s more: A new Flex4e can record 4 analog PLUS 4 IP for a total of 8!! A Flex8e can record 8 analog + 8 IP for a total of 16, a Flex 16… well, you get the idea. Amazing value. Why go for 9 when you can go for 16 eh 😉

So these new Flex recorders are the ones with the new silver blank front panel right? No, not necessarily. Eventually yes, but currently these new Flex ships with the usual black front panel that has hard buttons and a DVD-R. Looking at the back, they’re easy to identify however. You can recognise the Flex that has analog and IP camera recording capability by its dual HDMI outputs.

So now you have a solution for the customer who wants it all.

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