ask-marioAre there other alternatives to Cat6 HDbaseT extenders for long 4K HDMI connections?

It is not uncommon in large rooms to have a display cable length that exceeds 50′. In cases where the video sources are somewhat far from the projector or TV, using the extenders might seem a bit radical. A more practical solution to consider is the Kordz Neo-S3, which consists of an in-line transmitter, with a long Neo-S3 specific HDMI cable and an in-line receiver. Unlike typical Cat cable extenders, the Neo-S3s don’t require a short HDMI patch cable.

They’re also small, light, and powered by the HDMI port so there’s no Velcro or wall wart power supply to deal with. The Neo-S3 can send the HD video signal up to a 100′ away, even with 4K UltraHD resolution. The Kordz Neo-S3s achieves this performance thanks to technology by PhaseHD, a Canadian company based in Burlington, Ontario. This solution is the best alternative to a direct copper cable connection by properly isolating the DC and low speed HDCP and CEC signals.

There are other benefits to the Kordz Neo-S3 product: it resolves interoperability problems that are sometimes encountered with finicky HDMI video sources. It can also upgrade an existing passive HDMI cable to 4K UltraHD, which is easy and cost effective for improvements made in existing installs. The Kordz Neo-S3 transmitter and receiver can be purchased as a pair without its dedicated cable, specifically for these retrofit jobs.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Kordz offers the first THX 4K-certified HDMI interconnect cables. The R.3 cable line is ideal for rack cabling and meets the THX Level 3, which corresponds to a data flow capability of 3 GBps per TMDS channel. Kordz’s new EVS line is THX Level 6-certified which fulfills the performance requirements of 6Gbps per channel. Beyond communication performance, THX certified HDMI cables also need to pass mechanical integrity and interoperability tests.

Whichever one you choose, the Neo-S3 or the THX certified cables, these Kordz products will put a picture on the screen whether it’s 4k or good old 1080p.

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