How do I Connect Analog Audio with Just Add Power?


I need left and right analog audio for sending the TV sound to a multi-room controller. However, some sources no longer have RCA outputs. I thought of using coax/optical to analog converters, but is there a way to do this using the Just Add Power video distribution system? Yes of course, otherwise I wouldn’t write this article. The HDMI audio extractor is actually a feature of the 2G+ products. It is available on both 2G+ transmitters and receivers. So in this case, you can use standard 2G transmitters for video sources that have analog RCA outputs, and 2G+ transmitters for the ones that only outputs HDMI or coax/optical like Blu-ray players. However, with this setup each video source would use an input on the multi room controller. Also, source selection would have to be synchronised in the control system programming. With 2 or 3 video sources it’s ok, but this is not practical when there’s a bunch of HDTV receivers. In such cases, you could use a 2G+ receiver just for extracting HDMI audio. A Just Add Power receiver used for this purpose doesn’t need a connected display, so it can be mounted in the rack next to the audio distribution controller or DSP.Mario716A

But wait, there’s more… to know. HDMI can pass stereo audio or 5.1 multichannel audio, but not both at the same time. So if a video source is set to “bit stream” for a surround sound AV receiver, there won’t be any audio coming out of that 1/8″ stereo port on the 2G+ Just Add Power unit. In such cases, where home theatre receivers are involved, the 2G+AVP transmitter would have to be used on the multi-channel surround sound sources. This 2G+AVP model has a built-in Dolby Digital decoder that creates a stereo mix down. So with the 2G+AVP transmitter, your customer could start watching a movie in his home theatre, and have the possibility to watch the end in stereo on his bedroom TV.

Mario716B2G+AVP offer more features. The transmitter has line and mic audio input ports. In commercial installation, these are practical since it allows adding external audio to the signal coming from the HDMI source, or even replacing it! So in a conference room, a presenter could connect a microphone and add his voice to audio coming from his presentation on a laptop computer. It also has a variable audio output that can be raised and lowered in 31 increments or muted. The 2G+AVP receiver also has that variable line level output feature, allowing direct connection to a power amplifier and speakers. Muting and output level are controlled by IP commands sent to the Just Add Power units, and the volume status can be queried by the control system.

Mario716CAnd finally, if you design a 4k UltraHD capable video distribution system using Just Add Power 3G products, well you don’t have to worry about any of this!

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