ask-marioWhat is the difference between a Furman PL-PLUS-DMC and an Elite 15i?

The real question here is “What makes the Elite 15i ideal for residential application?” It is true that these two products have a lot in common. They both have the same LiFT, E.V.S and SMP+ protection and filtration technology, which is non-sacrificial and optimised for audio/video products. They also have similar front panel with pull-out LED lights, blue voltage meter and convenience AC outlet.


Here are the differences: The Elite 15i uses a front panel mounted Airpax breaker instead of a power switch and a push-to-reset breaker. Front panel breaker is only available on the 20 amp products on the commercial power conditioners. On the back panel the Elite 15i uses electrical box style heavy-duty outlets, and one of them can be turned on and off by a 12 Volt trigger signal. Finally, the BNC connector for the gooseneck lamp is replaced by cable and telephone line surge protection loops on the Elite 15i. The idea here is to handle all wired connection between the building and electrical pole outside. Even if satellite boxes no longer require a telephone connection for pay per view, a DSL modem does. The telephone line surge protection will protect the IP network and connected AV components with DSL internet. So it’s this extra protection that, with the 12 volt triggered outlet, optimises the Elite 15i for AV distribution and home theatre use.

Elite 15iThat being said if budget is tight and voltage monitoring isn’t required, the basic Furman PL-8C is an excellent option. This unit will allow you to lower the cost while maintaining the same level of AC filtering and protection.

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