What is a tribrid surveillance video recorder?


At some point in your science class, you may have heard of a trilobite. It’s a fascinating variety of fossils found in some rock formations. They are from the paleozoic era and some are 500 million years old. As for tribrid even if the word has some resemblance, it’s definitely something much newer.

Currently, IC Realtime no longer offers Digital Video Recorders that can only handle low resolution composite video signal from cameras. However, the classic Max and Flex series are still available, and have been upgraded with “tribrid” capability. So in addition to analog cameras, they are compatible with HD-AVS cameras that offer high definition digital video over coaxial cable. On top of that, two IP cameras can be added to the recorder, making it compatible with three types of camera technology. That’s where the term tribrid comes from: Analog, HD-AVS and IP.

So why would I care about this new feature? Well low resolution analog video is on its way out. As this technology is phased-out, some transition with existing cameras or wiring may be necessary. Customers often ask to expand their existing system. Also, the distances and simplicity of coaxial video cabling does have some advantages over an IP network infrastructure. With this type of camera cabling, the new tribrid recorders make system design and product selection a no brainer. You always have the right machine. You can upgrade an existing system to HD all at once, or in steps to accommodate your customer’s budget. On top of that, you can use the IP network and add up to two 1.3 or 2 megapixels wired or even Wi-Fi IP cameras. The coaxial inputs are automatically detecting if the connected camera is analog or HD-AVS. That being said, IC Realtime IP cameras are discovered and added to the last channels in the camera menu.

The new Flex series has 720p resolution on the HD-AVS channels which corresponds to 1.3 megapixels. This is four times the pixel count compared to D1 analog resolution, a huge improvement. The Flex is also the preferred recorder for home automation integration, as it provides a MJPG second stream compatible with touch screen interfaces for camera preview. This integration feature is offered on the AVR-800S series with 1080p resolution on the HD-AVS channels.
With these recorders, you’ll get all your surveillance projects out of the prehistoric era!

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