My customer wants his new multi-room to play his local radio stations. Can we still do that?!

In this day and age, cloud based streaming is all the rage. Well almost. Some people still wants to tune to their favorite local radio station. How can we offer this with the new MCA controllers from Russound?


DMS 3.1 AM/FM Tuner

Unlike the models they replace, the MCA-66, MCA88 and MCA88X no longer have a built-in AM/FM tuner. The good old antenna made room for an optional Bluetooth receiver on input 1. So for the MCA-66 and MCA-88, this is where the DMS 3.1 AM/FM tuner that never got used most of the time now becomes handy. If the MCA-88X got specified, it’s probably because your customer didn’t need more than one digital music streamer. In this case, he should be able to find his favorite local station on the TuneIn Radio service that the built-in streamer offers. For news and sports it’s perfectly fine. However, when it comes to Saturday afternoon’s opera, sound is a bit too compressed to be enjoyable. This is where adding an external ST1 smart tuner make sense. The RNET link connection makes integration seamless, and access to stations as fast as with the older MCA controllers. The selected station shows on the premium keypads and on the MyRussound app as well. Your customers now can definitely get rid of that old high-speed dubbing ghetto blaster or wooden table radio on top of the fridge!

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