The Attero Tech unDNEMO is a highly flexible networked audio monitoring and communications tool that is an excellent tool for use in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Control Room Audio Management
  • Trading Floor Audio Monitoring
  • Real-Time Language Translation
  • Recording Studio Monitor Mix and Talkback
  • Broadcast System Monitoring
  • Dante System Confidence Monitoring

The unDNEMO features the ability to monitor up to 64 channels of Dante network audio from any Dante enabled audio input device. This includes DSPs used for fixed install audio distribution, Dante enabled mixing consoles and even simple Dante break in boxes from any manufacture. As long as the box speaks Dante, the unDNEMO can listen.

attero-unDNEMOThe product also features a high visibility OLED display that can be customized to display a friendly name for the content that’s being monitored, adjustable backlight brightness for the display and keypad, and simple controls for channel and menu navigation.

The unDNEMO includes an integrated speaker and easily accessible front panel headset connections for easy to audio monitoring.

Some applications require the ability for two-way communications such as production studio talkback systems and real-time language translation. The unDNEMO supports this connectivity through an integrated internal microphone and connectivity for an external headset microphone as well.

Finally, the unDNEMO features a full duplex USB audio interface for use as a simple recording interface to a PC or Mac and can even double as a plug and play USB soft-conferencing device.