dante-av-networking-world-logo_1Last month, Attero Tech co-sponsored Dante AV Networking World  in Las Vegas during InfoComm 2016. With over 300 attendees, this was by far one of the most informative and popular audio networking event at the show. The event featured presentations and Dante training workshops, and included 40 of the most influential audio manufacturers in A/V.

unDUSBOne of the participation prizes for the event was an Attero Tech unDUSB box; a Dante to USB bridge solution that maintains digital audio signals. The winner was Canadian Adam Dickie, CTS-D, ISF-C – AV Consultant, who gives credit to Attero Tech for developing products that contribute to the evolution of networked audio.

“I appreciate the innovation and attention to detail that Attero Tech bakes into each product they make. Every product in their line has been built with purpose and reason. I always look forward to hearing about their next generation of equipment, as they are generally on the forefront of Audinate’s Dante technology with some of the most knowledgeable staff applying this technology.  I would not design any new facility without leveraging the network landscape for audio video distribution and Attero Tech is consistently bringing new product to market that helps this landscape continuously evolve” says Adam. SFM and AtteroTech extend their congratulations to Adam Dickie.

Attero Tech is a long-standing partner of this event and sees great value in providing education for the AV industry. “Attero Tech is pleased to have been co-sponsoring the AV Networking World event for over five years.  It’s a great event for attendees to get hands-on training with real Dante gear, and increase their general AV networking knowledge.  We think it’s one of the best educational opportunities out there…”, says Mike Sims, Director of Marketing & Sales of Attero Tech, LLC.”

For more information about Attero Tech’s unDUSB, Dante to USB bridge, visit http://www.atterotech.com/downloads/docs/product-briefs/unDUSB-Product-Brief.pdf