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Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Eastlink Community TV is a unique cable television service that produces informative local programming covering sports, culture, politics and human events across Atlantic Canada. With multiple HD trucks, the main production facility in Lower Sackville, north of Halifax, serves Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island provinces.


Eliminate unwanted studio noise while attaining natural, consistent high fidelity sound from talent using omnidirectional lavalier microphones.


Three models of Shure’s new TwinPlex lavalier microphone series were auditioned, with the TL47 selected as having a clear advantage when compared to legacy lavalier mics under studio conditions.


Outstanding sound quality with natural off-axis response while minimizing environmental noise, plus seamless integration in both hardwired and wireless configurations.

Shure Twinplex™ TL47 Lavalier Microphones Are a Key Problem-Solver for Eastlink Community TV

For the 2020 edition of its highly anticipated East Coast Music Unplugged series, Eastlink Community TV was determined to find a way to present a show with quality sound for an off-site virtual presentation within the limitations of COVID-19 protocols. With host Darrin Harvey and guest musicians all broadcasting from various remote locations, technical producer Bill Barnaby was looking for a straightforward solution that would unify disparate program elements with clean, natural sound.

“Our studios have a lot of noise from the lighting system and ventilation fans,” explains Barnaby. “That was our original motivation for the demo of the new Shure TwinPlex models – to eliminate our own studio noise without adding a third-party system.”

TwinPlex boasts a lot of technology in a subminiature package, with low self-noise, high dynamic range, consistent omnidirectional pattern, and superb, natural sound in a durable, sweat- and moisture-resistant design that also eliminates cable noise and kinks. The Eastlink Community TV team auditioned three models: the traditional lavalier style TL47, the theater-focused TL48, and the TH53 headset microphone.

For Bill Barnaby, the choice was obvious. “While we did really like the headset microphone, the real choice for us was between the two lavalier microphones,” he recalls. “Both were outstanding, but the TL47 sounded more natural. Listening to the TL47 in a room with flat EQ, it sounded clean and natural, with a wide dynamic range. The studio noise just seemed to fade away without any help, like it was doing everything for me.”

In addition, they noticed consistent sound quality even when users turn their head off-axis and the ability to handle loud sources without distortion, enabling great audio across a wide range of applications. Eastlink Community TV purchased 18 TL47 microphones, all in black, for use in their own studios, as well as remote productions with their three HD mobile production trucks. They bought XLR and LEMO connectors for easy compatibility with the studio’s existing gear, both hardwired and wireless.

East Coast Music Unplugged has adopted alternative production methods due to COVID-19 protocols. “Originally, our plan was to use the TL47 for all the studio interviews with Darrin hosting the musicians. We were excited at how it eliminated the contrast in ambience between the interviews and live music,” notes Barnaby. “Instead, Darrin has had to host the show remotely. As it turns out, the TL47 is perfect for Darrin, regardless of the environment.”

Whether stationed outside the suburban Lower Sackville studios or on the road for mobile production in the other Atlantic provinces, Eastlink Community TV has found a flexible, rugged, and great-sounding solution in TwinPlex. Bill Barnaby is looking forward to trying TwinPlex in other scenarios, including live sports.

“Shure TwinPlex is a game-changer for us, making our studio sound so much better,” concludes Barnaby. “We’re looking forward to using them in other environments, like interview segments between periods of a hockey broadcast. The TL47 is an exciting addition that will serve as our workhorse lavalier microphones, both in our own studio and across the region.”

Gear List:

QuantityModel NumberDescription
18TL47TwinPlex lavalier microphone, black