atl-award216The reasonably priced 3.1 HSB speaker system from Atlantic Technology is engineered as a soundbar/pedestal product and incorporates the Boston Company’s H-PAS technologies to provide good mid-bass extension to a room-friendly multichannel speaker product. In order to add a unique twist to the soundbar, the company also includes a powered woofer to the HSB 3.1 for a nice richness to augment dialog, music and special effects without the aid of an additional box on the floor.

The new 3.1 HSB is an integrated high-performance loudspeaker system containing three passive front channel speakers (LCR) and a powered H-PAS subwoofer in a single, elegant enclosure. Used in tandem with any AV receiver, you have a full featured home theater system that will produce bass down to 35 Hz!

Since you are hooking this up with an AV Receiver, you also have the flexibility to create a full home theater system and add on surround channels and additional components such as Dolby Atmos speakers; the 44DA or IC-6OBA!

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