The AvPro Edge MXNet AV-over-IP Ecosystem was brought in to promptly replace five different video distribution systems. MXNet is a plug-and play end-to-end solution developed by AVPro Edge with integrators in mind for quick, stable, and easy deployment. Thanks to the upgrade, Chances Casino can now run video and audio seamlessly for different areas and locations within its establishment smoothly and with peace of mind. The speedy installation helped avoid any disruptions to the Casino’s day-to-day operations and business.

Chances Casino in Kelowna, British Columbia, began as a bingo hall in 2002 and has evolved into an all-encompassing entertainment experience. Its mission is to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for all to enjoy by offering the best entertainment value in the most responsible way possible. With over 340 slot machines and live table games—Blackjack Fast Action Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and Roulette—Chances Casino is a complete and diverse destination for gaming and entertainment. Casino-goers can also enjoy Keno & Poker, play scratch & win lottery games, feast at the full-service Longshots Lounge restaurant, grab some java at the Chips Café, and unwind at Chances Bar.

A casino must be able to run for long hours around the clock. In the case of Chances Casino, its operating schedule has it running 18 consecutive hours per day, which means all operating systems and services must be reliable and consistent without fail. This was put to the test in early 2022, when the casino’s existing video processing equipment stopped functioning, causing disruptions in video operations and services to all TV screens. It was extremely important to resolve the situation quickly and with the least amount of operational downtime in the process. The AV system in the casino was composed of composite RF systems, composite AV, and composite matrixing. So, the mission for this project was to replace the former AV-over-IP system, which was obsolete, with a new video system that included a more modern AV-over-IP protocol.

An additional challenge was to ensure that the new video system integrated flawlessly with the existing AMX control system and QSC sound system, which had been installed years prior.

Five different video distribution systems were promptly replaced with the MXNet AV-over-IP Ecosystem. Developed by AVPro Edge, MXNet is a plug-and play end-to-end solution that the company developed with integrators in mind for quick, stable, and easy deployment.

The install was implemented by local integration specialist, Ryan Young, owner of Ryan Young Technical Services based in Vernon, British Columbia. Ryan Young’s proven and well-established experience over the years landed him multiple integration projects, including this one for Chances Casino. It was imperative early on to find a solution that would meet the urgent needs and requirements of the casino quickly and efficiently.

Ryan Young Technical Services, being very familiar with AVPro Edge’s products and having installed several over the years, rapidly recommended MXNet as the best solution for this project to his customer, Chances Casino. ”I was able to pretty much rip out all their systems and replace it in a matter of a couple of days,” recounts Ryan. “And with zero downtime, which was a huge factor in this situation. I chose to use AVPro Edge MXNet switches, which came preconfigured, and I plugged them in, and they worked.”

Integrating MXNet with the existing QSC sound system was also simple, according to Young. As he recalls, ”it was easy to combine AVPro Edge MXNet with the QSC Q-SYS system in the install process to elevate the performance and functionality of the overall system.”

Thanks to the upgrade, Chances Casino can continue to provide an enjoyable visual and sonic atmosphere for its customers. It is now able to run video and audio seamlessly for different areas and locations within its establishment smoothly and with peace of mind.

In addition, the zero downtime for the installation, as well as the quick and easy install of AVPro Edge’s MXNet by Ryan Technical Services, allowed the casino to continue using existing cabling running to operating televisions throughout the process without any disruption to their business.

Gear List:

Brand / CategoryModelDescriptionQTY
AvPro EdgeMXNET-CBOXControl Box (controlled by AMX control system)1
AvPro EdgeMXNET-SW48Network Switches4
AvPro EdgeMXNET-1G-EEncoders26
AvPro EdgeMXNET-1G-DDecoders60