Further broadening its range of professional lighting products, ADJ is pleased to announce the launch of two versatile new ellipsoidal fixtures, the Encore Profile 1000 WW and Encore Profile 1000 Color. Boasting powerful COB LEDs, built-in manual zoom and focus, framing shutters and GOBO slots, these flexible lighting units are ideal for illuminating the stages of theatres, churches, concert venues, conferences and special events.

ADJ Encore Profile SeriesThe new Encore Profile 1000 WW is a professional ellipsoidal fixture that utilizes a 120W warm-white COB LED with a color temperature of 3200k, CRI 98. It generates a high-power beam that can be used for everything from lighting performers on stage to projecting sharp GOBO patterns.

Meanwhile, for situations where vividly colored light is required, the similar Encore Profile 1000 Color fixture features a powerful 120W RGBW 4-in-1 LED light source. This allows almost any imaginable hue or shade of color to be created making this a flexible lighting option for a range of professional uses.

Both fixtures can be used to project GOBO patterns and are supplied with a set of four replaceable glass GOBOs as standard. The supplied patterns – stars, two rings surround by a heart and pair of more abstract shapes – are ideal for adding interest to plain surfaces such the walls, ceiling or floor of a venue or the back of a conference or concert stage set. Of course custom patterns can also be used and any Type M GOBO is compatible with either model.

Adding to the flexibility of both Encore Profile 1000 fixtures, manual focus and zoom controls are provided on-board without any need to purchase additional lens kits or accessories. These allow the beam angle to be set anywhere between 12 and 30-degrees and the beam edge to be varied between soft and hard. Framing shutters are also included, allowing the light beam to be accurately shaped in order to illuminate exactly what is required and nothing more. Finally, variable speed strobing and 0-100% electronic dimming – with five dimming curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural and Theatre) – round out the feature set of these versatile fixtures.

“We’re very proud of our new Encore Profile 1000 WW and Color fixtures”, said ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “They offer powerful and flexible alternatives to traditional ellipsoidal fixtures utilizing the efficiency, long lamp life and cool-running advantages of COB LEDs. The GOBO slot, framing shutters, built-in variable zoom and manual focus mean that the light output can be shaped precisely, making these units perfect tools for lighting professionals working in theatres, concert venues, churches and banqueting halls.”

Both the Encore Profile 1000 WW and Encore Profile 1000 Color also offer plenty of options when it comes to control. With standalone as well as DMX-controlled modes, users of the Encore Profile 1000 fixtures can be as simple or complex as they wish when it comes to operating these versatile lighting units. Whether it’s using the Color Fade mode to easily create mood lighting effects or the multiple DMX channel options to integrate the units into a full DMX-controlled lighting system, these flexible fixtures are ideal for any situation. For even more flexibility, each unit is also equipped with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR input and output sockets ensuring easy integration into any DMX system.

Users can even operate the fixtures wirelessly using the separately sold UC IR remote or free to download Airstream IR app, the latter of which allows the freedom and convenience to adjust settings and control effects directly from the screen of an iOS device! For event organizers and lighting designers, this means never being more than a click away from a desired lighting effect, without the need to be stuck on-stage or behind a lighting desk.

The design of both Encore Profile 1000 models is such that users can conveniently incorporate them into their venue install or mobile setup, no matter how limited the space. Weighing in at 19 lbs. (8.5 kg.) and measuring 22 x 9.75 x 12.25in (560 x 250 x 385mm), the Encore Profile 1000s can be transported, lifted and positioned with ease; while the included hanging bracket makes it easy to mount the units from truss, scaffold bars or lighting grids.

Despite offering immense light output, thanks to their use of efficient COB LED technology the Encore Profile 1000 fixtures each have a maximum power consumption of just 144W. This means that the PowerCon input and output sockets can be used to daisy-chain the power supply for as many as five units (at 110V) reducing cable runs and therefore allowing the setup of lighting rigs to be quicker and neater.

Adaptable, compact but most all forward-thinking, the new Encore Profile 1000 WW and Encore Profile 1000 Color are the perfect professional ellipsoidals for bringing spellbinding lighting to events and productions, without blowing the budget.

Learn more about the Encore Profile Series from this video: