Your Goals and Aspirations Inspire Us

We at SFM have one goal on our mind:
to help you achieve yours.

It’s inspiration enough to know that we are all part of industries where art, entertainment, information, and technology mix and match to form something far greater than the sum of their parts.

Despite the different industries we all work in, they all share one thing in common: at the heart of all of them is good communication.

This is where we all meet up. This is where we all strive for the best.

The products and services we take pride in help suppliers serve the Canadian market in ways that they never could on their own. And because of this, we get to see so many dreams and goals realized.

This is how arts and entertainment venues can provide delightful experiences.
This is how a large variety of business, commercial, and residential applications can power communication.
This is how crucial governmental and educational contexts can deliver on their promises.

We are grateful that our business contributes to yours–no matter where you are in the supply chain–and that we can help contribute to the sharing and exchange of a wide range of intriguing, entertaining, and inspiring ideas.

This is the passion that drives us: helping you fulfill your part in making communications happen.