Your Goals and Aspirations Inspire Us

We at SFM have one goal on our mind:
to help you achieve yours.

It’s inspiration enough to know that we are all part of industries where art, entertainment, information, and technology mix and match to form something far greater than the sum of their parts.

Despite the different industries we all work in, they all share one thing in common: at the heart of all of them is good communication.

This is where we all meet up. This is where we all strive for the best.

The products and services we take pride in help suppliers serve the Canadian market in ways that they never could on their own. And because of this, we get to see so many dreams and goals realized.

This is how arts and entertainment venues can provide delightful experiences.
This is how a large variety of business, commercial, and residential applications can power communication.
This is how crucial governmental and educational contexts can deliver on their promises.

We are grateful that our business contributes to yours–no matter where you are in the supply chain–and that we can help contribute to the sharing and exchange of a wide range of intriguing, entertaining, and inspiring ideas.

This is the passion that drives us:
helping you fulfill your part in making communications happen.


Being a distributor can mean a lot of different things. Our specialty is delivering what our partners truly need to do good business in Canada.

For each of our suppliers, we use our broad business skill set and deep market expertise to create a customized go-to-market solution, offering them the opportunity to outsource as little or as much as they choose the sales, marketing, service, support, financial, and logistics functions necessary to best serve the Canadian market.

For our customers, we provide a menu of enhanced services that make doing business easier and more profitable.

Every day we challenge ourselves to raise the bar on what a company like ours can and should bring to the supply chain. We do so by continually investing—in people, infrastructure, and services.

Anyone can be a distributor. We offer you something very different.

Financial Strength

Our financial strength allows us to offer flexible financing arrangements that can save our customers a trip to the bank. We think partnering with you to help you grow your business just makes good business sense—for all of us.

Product Expertise

Our sales reps and customers are backed by the largest application support team in Canada, whose job is to ensure that you and your customers are comfortable with our products and application solutions.

After-Sales Service & Support

We’re at your disposal 24/7 to provide product and application support. We’re also a factory-certified warranty & repair depot, equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, a large spare parts inventory, and four full-time repair technicians.

Coast-to-Coast Presence

From St-John’s to Victoria Island in Canada, San Francisco to Boston in the USA, we have local sales representatives on the ground who speak your language, who understand your market and its customs, traditions and culture in order to help you grow your business.

Marketing Support

We deliver demand to your door through our market and channel-focused marketing efforts, with an emphasis on driving demand at a local level.

Application Design & Consulting

Not sure how to best incorporate our products into your design? From acoustical modeling to full-scale system design, we can help you find solutions that make your life easier.

Our History

Your Goals and Aspirations Inspire Us

Ever since founder and chairman Sol Fleising began SF Marketing Inc. as a sales agency in 1978, we have had a core tenet of providing great services and support to our customers.

Here are some of the milestones on our path to becoming the organization that we are today.

Case Studies

Some of Our Happy Partners

Let us Help Grow your Business

No matter your role in the professional audiovisual supply chain, SFM has ways to support your business goals. Get in touch with us to see how we can partner for success.

Let us Help Grow your Business

No matter your role in the professional audiovisual supply chain, SFM has ways to support your business goals. Get in touch with us to see how we can partner for success.