When you’re enjoying live entertainment, your primary focus is meant to be on the performers on stage and their movements. What we often do not consider is the constant hard work and planning that takes place behind the scenes to direct the spectator’s soundbox-logoeye toward the performers. At every live show, there are entire lighting crews that work tirelessly to complement the stage performance with professional lighting. Colin Moore, Head of Lighting and Touring at Soundbox Productions has made a career in the entertainment industry by finding solutions and integrating creative and efficient lighting into all of his projects while complementing the aesthetics of the performance.

Aesthetic appeal and performance reliability are incredibly important to consider for any stage lighting design. Moore and Soundbox Productions kept aesthetics and reliability in mind as they recently added to their list of Elation Professional products, purchasing the Six Par 200 and CUEPIX Blinder WW2 for their day-to-day rental portfolio and the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, ACL 360 Matrix and ACL 360 Bar for use on tour. These fixtures also allow Soundbox Productions to cut labour costs and save time on maintenance, because of their reliability and ease of set-up.

colin mooreHaving been involved in live production since high school, Moore knows a thing or two about the products that perform best on stage. He is continually impressed by Elation Professional’s extensive line of products and their welcoming service, saying: “The biggest motivation to keep us coming back to Elation Professional is the support we get from them at their offices in Los Angeles, their Canadian distributor SFM and Randy Segeren, our account representative who has supported us from day one. That kind of product support makes all the difference.”

ACL_360_MATRIXIn addition to his role as Head of Lighting and Touring, Moore has spent much of his time in the last two years as a Project and Production manager, notably working on The Next Step Live – Canada 2016. The tour featured dancers from Family Channel’s original show The Next Step with captivating performances lit by Colin Moore and the team at Soundbox Productions. Moore mainly used Elation Professional products on the tour, highlighting the dancers with fourteen (14) Platinum Beam 5R Extreme’s and twelve (12) ACL 360 Matrix moving head effect luminaires. Moore attributes a lot of the tour’s success to the inclusion of the ACL 360 Matrix which elevated this kind of tour, claiming: “We’ve used them a lot throughout the show to really tie into the music. They’ve been a great tool.”

Growing up, Moore was interested in music and sound, working on live sound for local bands and performing with his own band throughout high school. Once he realized that live production was something he could envision himself doing as a career, Moore started reaching out to various production companies, undergoing projects in the audio, video, lighting and staging areas. Now, Moore has developed a passion for lighting design, spending the last 6 years with Soundbox Productions.

Always looking for new ways to integrate innovative and creative ideas into his lighting techniques, Moore is excited about the current and future landscape of the lighting industry. As an innovator in their own right, we can look for Elation Professional products to continue delivering the creativity and quality that Colin Moore and Soundbox Productions strive for.