3D datacomm installed several Shure products from the Microflex Wireless range to guarantee a wireless, easy-to-use experience for the end user. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans now enjoys crisp and clear audio in this room. The MX Wireless range also allows for simple alternation between the Shure system and the previously installed ceiling microphones.

When the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada was experiencing audio challenges in their Memorial Room, they consulted with 3D datacomm, an Atlantic Canadian company specializing in A/V System Design, Consultation and Project Engineering. The Memorial Room is used as a multi-purpose room, hosting local presentations and audio conferences; thus, it requires great sound quality and a promise of user-friendliness as many people will use the space.

The installation team at 3D datacomm was set on using Shure based on their experience with the clear, crisp sound quality of Shure products. Additionally, the Microflex Wireless system offers a simple technical set-up for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, featuring an easy-to-use wireless system that requires minimal set-up time.

The installation was done as a phased approach, with three consecutive stages to the project over the course of two years. The first stage included setting up an 80-inch screen, as well as several A/V control devices. The second stage was comprised of the ceiling microphones and the QSC CX108V power amplifier. The final stage was the integration of the Shure Microflex Wireless system, with 3D datacomm opting for twenty-four (24) Shure MX410LP/C Gooseneck Microphones and Shure MXW8 Gooseneck Base Transmitters alike, as well as three (3) Shure MXWAPT8 Access Point Transceivers and six (6) Shure MXWNCS8 Networked Charging Stations. The addition of three (3) Shure SCM820 Automatic Mixers allowed 3D datacomm to easily configure a convenient method of switching between the MX Wireless microphones and the ceiling microphones. The Access Point Transceivers allowed for the in-ceiling microphones to become muted unless all MX Wireless microphones were in an inactive or unknown state, to facilitate audio conferencing.

Richard White, a senior install technician with 3D datacomm, stated: “With the Shure system, you are hearing the person that is speaking and not the room around them, taking a lot of distraction out of the meeting.” The installation offers countless options for conferencing and presentations, with minimal set-up required and superior sound quality, leaving both 3D datacomm and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans pleased with the results.

Gear List:

QuantityModel NumberDescription
3Shure SCM8208-Channel Digital Automatic Mixers
6Shure MXWNCS8Networked Charging Stations
3Shure MXWAPT8Access Point Transceivers
24Shure MXW8Gooseneck Base Transmitters
24Shure MX410LP/CGooseneck Microphones
1Luxul XMS-1010P10-Port Managed Switch
1QSC CX108V8-Channel 70V Power Amplifier