combo_angle2With great pride, we are pleased to launch a new series of products for the touring and production markets: Digiflex speakON Cubes! Designed to support the needs of the production environment, Digiflex speakON Cubes are great little tools to help clean up stage cabling and shorten setup and teardown times. Run an entire monitor rig from two NL8’s coming from the amp racks, with short NL4 jumpers to reach the actual speakers, or set up a full line array with just one cable; these are just some examples of how to clean up your cabling.

Built from stainless steel, extruded aluminium, genuine Neutrik speakON connectors, and assembled to stringent build standards, the Digiflex speakON Cubes are made to resist the rigors of the road. Drop them, throw them, drive over them, you can even swear at them, and they’ll keep on working. Additional features

  • Industry best design and construction
  • Low profile design to minimize stage clutter
  • Lexan labelling for long lasting legibility

Most models have built-in rigging rails, compatible with L-Track rigging clips and rated at 350lbs. They can be rigged to bumpers or trussing using our certified RCSTUD clips to keep them securely out of the way, and even be used as cable picks, to keep the whole rig nice and tidy.