Q-SYS offers a family of high-resolution, and easy-to-use, touch screen controllers native to the Q-SYS Platform. These network capacitive PoE touch screens display a fully customizable user control interface (UCI), which can be designed with the Q-SYS UCI Editor within the Q-SYS Designer Software, as well as RFID customization, which can be programmed to a specific users preferences.

Drag and drop any control Q-SYS element from a Q-SYS design schematic into UCI Editor, add UCI PIN protection as an additional layer of security protection and easily deploy your design to the touch screen, without any programming experience.  UCI Editor allows the import of room diagrams, corporate logos, or other graphical elements in all major graphic file formats. 

In addition, TSC Series Gen 3 also features enhanced onboard processors to accommodate upcoming software-based Q-SYS video features.  

Q-SYS is your one-stop shop brand for a superior and more flexible ecosystem, part of a highly extended product line. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sleek new design for modern AV installations
  • Higher resolution with significantly improved screen transitions on all models
  • Integrated proximity sensor (TSC-70-G3 & TSC-101-G3 models) wakes the screen on approach while an ambient light sensor (all models) automatically adjusts screen brightness
  • PoE-capable: power and data on a single cable simplify design and deployment
  • Enhanced onboard processor ensures future-readiness for upcoming Q-SYS video features

Drag-and-drop UCI creation

  • From a few simple controls on a single page GUI, to comprehensive GUIs with reactive controls that change based on system status
  • Easily import corporate logos and other graphical elements to enable UCIs tailored to each customer’s unique requirements
  • Singular software platform lets you build UCIs in the same program as your DSP and control programming

CSS-based styling for UCIs

Build more dynamic UCI themes and apply global style across multiple UCIs (or system designs)

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