Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has introduced Redline, a new series of powered loudspeakers for live and installed sound reinforcement applications.

The series consists of two powered, 2-way loudspeakers (RL12 12-inch and RL15 15-inch), joined by the RL18S 18-inch powered subwoofer.

eaw-redline415Redline loudspeakers are outfitted with customized precision transducers. Both the RL12 and RL15 deliver consistent directivity via beamwidth-matched crossovers on 90- x 60-degree rotatable horns. Four-aperture ports bolster bass support with no turbulence while maximizing transducer-cooling air flow to help enhance reliability.

Transducers are driven by a 1,250-watt, fanless, Class-D, Power Factor Corrected onboard amplifier. EAW Focusing sonic processing refines impulse response while also fostering the added impact demanded in many live sound applications. Proprietary DynO processing optimizes the power transfer from amplifiers to transducers, furthering headroom and overall sound quality at high SPL. Three user-defined voicing options allow a variety of uses without need of a computer or external processor.

The RL18S subwoofer is cardioid-ready via rear-panel controls, allowing users to achieve low-frequency control without need for complex processing or calculations.

“EAW engineers focused on designing a product with a streamlined, robust feature set with no extraneous widgets that can break or get in the way of working professionals,” states EAW president Jeff Rocha. “They utilized years of touring product experience—the KF, JF, SB and Adaptive Systems product families—to create a product our customers will find incredibly useful and that will be a solid performer, day in and day out.”

Each Redline enclosure is made of 15 mm hardwood with EAW RoadCoat treatment, joined by sculpted 18-gauge grilles with a magnetic Redline strip (removable) that identifies the series. The enclosures also incorporate symmetrical monitor angles to form left-right wedge pairs as well as integral road handles for easier portability.

EAW Redline will be available in Canada from SFM in the summer of 2015. MSRP is $3250.00 for the RL12, $3550 for the RL15 and $4450 for the RL18S.