EAW Resolution Released

EAW is proud to announce the public release of the latest version of Resolution, which includes the following major updates:

  • EAW Otto support – Users can now build and control Otto arrays.
  • Significant improvements to the Network Configuration View for controlling Adaptive systems.
  • Greatly reduced acoustical model calculation times for Adaptive systems.
  • Clarified numbering and lettering of loudspeakers and flybars in Project Explorer window.
  • Expanded Help File to cover more aspects of using Resolution.

The release notes include further detail about these and other improvements. Those with Resolution 2 already installed and “Check For Updates” checked will automatically be prompted to download the update when online.

Resolution can be downloaded by clicking here.


EAW Pilot 1.2.22 Now Available

The latest version of EAW Pilot for control of UX processors and U-Net-enabled powered EAW loudspeakers is now available for download. EAW Pilot 1.2.22 provides the following update:

Updated Firmware for NT, NTL and NTS Products — Firmware build significantly improves U-Net communication and audio stability for all JF-NT, KF-NT, NTL and NTS loudspeakers currently in production.

It is highly recommended that all field units using U-Net for control and/or audio distribution are upgraded to this firmware version. Though still recommended, it is not necessary to upgrade field units not employing U-Net for audio distribution or control.

EAW Pilot 1.2.22 can be downloaded by clicking here.