Fulcrum’s latest innovation, patented Passive Cardioid Technology, was developed to overcome the excessive rear low frequency (LF) radiation that is a major performance challenge of many loudspeakers.

Omnidirectional LF Radiation

The challenge has always been that conventional loudspeakers become progressively less directional with decreasing frequency. At the lowest frequencies reproduced, the sound radiated to the rear of the loudspeaker is approximately equal to the sound radiated forward to the audience.

Active Cardioid Array

Active cardioid arrays are often employed to address undesired rear LF radiation. By requiring additional cancellation loudspeakers, and their associated amplifiers and signal processors, active cardioid arrays are intrinsically cumbersome and costly.

Fulcrum Passive Cardioid Loudspeaker

Fulcrum Acoustic’s Passive Cardioid Technology eliminates excessive rear LF radiation without the extra cost, space requirements and inconvenience of active cardioid systems – with a single passive cardioid loudspeaker doing the work of an active cardioid array.

Passive Cardioid Technology achieves impressive directional control mechanically within the enclosure in less than half the space required for active cardioid array systems. This allows for cardioid performance in applications that might not otherwise have the budget or space to accommodate an active cardioid array.