Genelec has integrated a total of 8 loudspeakers that fit seamlessly into the sleek design of the Webster Library lobby. The flawless sound definition allows students to visit the library while enjoying a truly pleasant sensory experience. This facility promotes and educates a large contingent of students to all audio material owned by the Webster Library, while providing a sensory experience that “speaks”, in terms of the quality of the space, services and tools offered by the library.

As part of the Concordia University Webster Library Lobby renewal project, the IITS – Instructional and Information Technology Services – was subject to significant architectural, mechanical, and acoustical constraints. Given the space available in the ceiling and the materials used for the wall construction, the challenge was to create an audio environment of optimal quality, with a clean design.

Max Di Bitonto, Technology Coordinator at IITS, and Paul Fournier, Information Systems and Technology Manager at the Library, agreed to consult SFM on which products to use. As Mr. Di Bitonto rightly points out: “Since the original concept was to obtain a soundscape that filled the entire space, while avoiding sound from spreading to the public area at the bottom of the stairs, the audio configuration had to be impeccable.”

SFM suggested the use of high-end Genelec products. Claude Ricard, SFM Sales Representative, and Mr. Di Bitonto worked together to define the concept and select the products. Mr. Ricard immediately proposed AIW25 loudspeakers. Seamlessly integrated in the ceiling, AIW25 loudspeakers use Directivity Control Waveguide Techology that perfectly contains sound amplitude. These eight loudspeakers work independently, offering multiple possibilities for future audio experiences!

Mike Calo, Genelec Brand Manager at SFM, explains the relevance of using AIW25 loudspeakers in a major project such as the Webster Library: “Such an exceptional space deserves a high-quality sound zone. Genelec offers a wide range of self-powered loudspeakers which are specifically designed for different types of indoor, professional or commercial installations. These built-in loudspeakers are not only powerful, precise and compact, they are also designed with an undeniable aesthetic concern. In addition, the 2-way amplification module with acoustic correction is easy to integrate via a standard mounting assembly on four RU spaces. Finally, the built-in loudspeakers offer the technology needed to reach the target audience of a project, and therefore unleashing unbridled creativity.”

A few good brainstorming sessions and rigorous planning were needed to provide the best possible products for the implementation of such an important project. “To enrich the concept and optimize loudspeaker performance, I advised the Concordia University team to include the QSC CORE110F Digital Audio Server. This server incorporates a multitrack audio player and an easily accessible time grid via the Q-Sys Administrator application, as well as many other features intrinsic to the Q-Sys system. To further perfect this installation, I proposed the Furman PL-8C, a device that keeps the equipment safe in the event of a major breakdown or other unforeseen events,” adds Ricard. Following a rigorous tender, Sono Vidéo, an audio-video solutions company, was selected to carry out the sale and oversee the final installation of this project.

Many students enthusiastically expressed their appreciation of the originality and effectiveness of the approach. “Some students even take the time to sit on the stairs and listen to the songs from beginning to end, and they make many discoveries. Others told us that this short moment before entering the library is a nice haven of peace … compared to the hustle and bustle at the bottom of the stairs!”, adds Di Bitonto.

It is this type of initiative, combining an immaculate plan and an intelligently designed soundscape, that makes a school a better place for all.