In 1978, Rush first released their iconic album “Hemispheres”, which has since remained on the global short list of legendary masterpieces. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hemispheres and Rush’s storied career as rock icons, famed mix engineer and producer, Richard Chycki, remastered history in Blu-ray 5.1 surround sound for a new box set.

“Hemispheres was one of our most challenging and demanding records to make,” says Alex Lifeson, guitarist of Rush. “From its inception in a farmhouse in Wales where it was written over a 4-week span,” Lifeson continues, “to the very difficult mixing sessions in two London recording studios, it stands as a key transitional album in Rush’s long recording history.”

“And such is the framing of the Hemispheres 40th Anniversary 5.1 remix as well,” adds Chycki, “and in keeping tribute to Rush and Terry Brown’s exemplary work on the original recordings, the 5.1 remix pays homage to the recording detail of the original.”

Genelec, the world leader in active monitoring, proudly sponsored the refreshed album’s pre-release listening party that took place recently at Revolution Records, a live recording studio tucked away in Rush’s hometown of Toronto, Canada. For the event, Genelec’s new S360 SAM studio monitor – paired with the powerful 7382 studio subwoofer – were carefully selected to deliver an immersive and precise listening experience.

“We were looking for a solution that gave us the ability to hear Richard Chycki’s 5.1 mix with a sweet spot large enough for 60 people,” said Mike Calo, Brand Manager for Genelec in Canada. “The S360 and 7382 subwoofer were a perfect fit because of their clarity and high SPL. We were able to create a listening zone beyond 10 meters wide without any issues.”

The combined audio output of the S360 and 7382 enveloped listeners in an immersive sound environment that belied the compact size of the monitors themselves.

“For the 5.1 playback event, I chose a quintet of Genelec S360s with an accompanying 7382 subwoofer,” added Chycki. “The DVD was mixed using 8300 Series Genelecs with SAM technology and I wanted the larger sound arena to maintain the accuracy of the original mix system and environment. So, the ability of the S360 and 7382 to adapt themselves to the larger listening arena was a great asset toward the overall success of the event,” concluded Chycki.

Overall, the combined efforts of Genelec and Richard Chycki aimed to honour the popular and iconic rock group through a progressive retelling of an album that has inspired so many musicians and fans from then and now.

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