Heritage Guitar Inc. announce the expansion of the Custom Core H-150 line with the Plain Top series. Revered for its elegance, the Heritage Custom Core H-150 Plain Top blends tradition and simplicity to deliver a refined look with timeless tone.

Crafted at the 225 Parsons Street factory in Kalamazoo, featuring the finest plain maple top and lightweight genuine mahogany back. A nitrocellulose finish with vintage gloss adds a subtle shine and velvety smooth feel to this guitar, that ages beautifully over time. With a redesigned carve top, 17° headstock and 4.5° neck angle, the Custom Core H-150 is optimized for excellent playability.

Fitted with the Heritage Custom 225 Classic humbuckers that are designed and wound in-house, the vintage-inspired pickups are tuned for the Heritage Custom Core H-150 and excel in both clean and overdriven tones.

Other notable features include a ’50s C-shaped neck profile and a locking bridge with aluminum stopbar tailpiece. The headstock has a holly veneer and carries the ‘Heritage’ logo with a Twin Arrow inlay.

Available in three colors, Dirty Lemon Burst, Tobacco Sunburst, and Dark Cherry Sunburst. Also, with the option of an Artisan Aged finish. It comes in a newly-designed hardshell case, with a certificate of authenticity and case candies included.

Key differences from the original H-150 Custom Core (Flame Top) Series:

  • Body Material
    Plain Top: Plain maple and light mahogany
    Flame Top: Curly maple and ultra-light mahogany
  • Price
    Plain Top is less expensive than the Flame Top
  • Weight
    Plain Top: Average 9.5 lb.
    Flame Top: Guaranteed 8.5 lb. or less

H-150 Plain Tops will be shipping in December 2021.
View spec sheet here