E11even Nightclub in downtown Miami attracts an impressive number of top DJs and other dance music artists, especially around Winter Music Conference time. The profusion of EDM, hip hop and house music talent has been even more marked since the two-story club expanded by opening a rooftop dance and chill area that recently received a lighting upgrade from iDesign Productions that included Elation Professional lighting fixtures.

Pic 1E11even opened in 2014 as a unique 24/7 club with a sexy and sophisticated atmosphere. New lighting for the rooftop, an open area with dance floor, sofa seating and views of downtown Miami, was completed early in 2016 and has invigorated the space as a place to linger. The truss above the rooftop dance floor holds an atmosphere-generating rig that includes Elation Platinum HFX™ moving heads, Sniper™ multi-effect lights, SixPar 200™ LED PAR lights and Protron 3K™ strobes.

“With the new rooftop lighting we wanted to make it a more intimate space so that people would stay on the roof longer,” comments lighting designer Michael Meacham of iDesign Productions on the idea behind the new rooftop lighting scheme, which was installed in time for this year’s Winter Music Conference. “We use the new lighting to make the space blend into the landscape. We’ve brought the space in and made it more engaging.”

Used for powerful beam and aerial profile looks for crowd coverage are Platinum HFX hybrid moving head fixtures. “It’s a great light,” Meechem says of the multi-functional light. “I use it in all the modes – also as a wash – and really like the prismatic effects.” Packed with color, graphics and effects options, the mid-sized light houses a 280W Philips™ MSD Platinum 14R lamp and can emit up to 12,000 lumens of power.

Dressing the truss in shades of warm color are SixPar 200 LED lights, a 6-color LED PAR fixture that Meacham says he was familiar with from other club installs he has completed. The SixPar 200 houses 12x 12-watt LEDs and can color match the environment to any occasion. They include a UV LED for added effect possibilities, which Meacham says he utilizes. Elation’s Sniper multi-effects add extra punch, power and fast movement to the rig.

Meacham and iDesign Productions have been involved with E11even since its opening, having worked closely on the club’s design concept with the architect and club owner. “In the main room we decided on a stage in the round as a center feature of the design,” he explains. “We recently decided to outfit that space with the Elation ACL 360i effect light, which are really bright and punchy.” Meacham says they use them for “cross beam big looks, rock ‘n roll-type looks with beams in the air.” The ACL 360i is a unique, compact beam fixture with single 60W RGBW LED, narrow 4° beam and continuous 360-degree rotation that can liven up any space.

iDesign Productions worked closely with Elation partner Freed Sales on the project, the Miami-based rep firm who they’ve worked with on a number of other clubs in south Florida. Meacham expressed his appreciation with the cooperation. “Freed Sales has taken care of us and Freed President Dustin Pesnell is one of the hardest working sales people I know,” he said. “We’re demanding and he keeps coming back. If I ask, he’ll deliver. He’s very diligent and we appreciate that about him. It’s all about relationships and support and he understands that.”