If you’ve recently updated your PC to Windows 10, then make sure you’re running the latest version of JADConfig, which adds windows 10 support. Happy HDMI over IP installing!

Here are the highlights:

  • Windows 10 support added
  • Discovery problems in older Windows versions solved
  • Background Patch improvements
  • MediaSwitcher and MoreVue now work with JADConfig via simple import
  • Now supporting Luxul AMS2616P AMS1208P XMS2624P switches plus STACKED AMS4424P – the BEST choice for HDIP.
  • New TEST MODE – allows you to operate and verify the HDIP Matrix within JADConfig
  • Guide PDF included in download.

Uploaded:  October 2, 2014
Modified: October 13, 2015
File Size: 82.7 MB
Version: V3.1.8.