26735K&M builds the most trusted microphone and speaker stands in pro audio which are designed and manufactured in Germany and come with a 5-year warranty. K&M now offers some of their best-selling stands in white, which broadens their usefulness in predominantly light-colored environments where blending in is most desirable. These environments include houses of worship as well as bright, open event and corporate venues. The white lends itself perfectly to themes and seasons such as weddings and winter events.

The 214/6-WHITE speaker stand features zinc die-cast clamps, large, fixed end caps to enhance safety and stability and an approved maximum capacity of 50 kg.

The 26735-WHITE speaker stand has a heavy cast iron round plate base, built for smaller spaces with a 450 mm base diameter. It has a maximum load capacity of 20 kg and a height adjustment up to 1,810 mm.

The 260/1-WHITE microphone stand has a round base with an integrated steel plate, making it lightweight yet stable. Weighing only 3kg, it has a clutch height adjustment mechanism and a height range of 870 mm to 1,575 mm.

Other K&M products available in white include the 21337-WHITE distance rod and the 24161-WHITE speaker wall mount.