Do you suffer from frequent migraines at work?Littlite_LW_18_LED
Do you suffer from constant eye strain?

You could benefit from a desk light!

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), “high contrast between light and dark areas of the computer screen, horizontal work surface, and surrounding areas can cause eye fatigue and headaches.

Possible Solution:

  • For computer work, use well-distributed diffuse desk light. The advantage of diffuse lighting is that:
    • There are fewer glare surfaces in the visual field.
    • The contrasts created by the shape of objects tend to be softer.
  • Use light, matte colors and finishes on walls and ceilings to better reflect indirect lighting and reduce dark shadows and contrast.”

Imagine working in a headache-free environment! How much more productive will you be? How much more work will get done because you can now focus on your work, rather than worrying about when your headache will subside.

The Migraine Action Association have conducted research that proves exposure to “low-energy light” can cause migraines. However, there’s a difference between “low energy light” and “energy saving light bulbs.” Florescent lighting and regular light bulbs are “low-energy lights” but have been known to cause migraines, so switch to LED today!

About Littlite’s Desk Light

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