Manufacturer Services

We offer our manufacturers the opportunity to outsource as little or as much of the sales, marketing, service, support, financial, and logistics functions necessary to best service the market at the most efficient cost.


Full-service go-to-market solutions for brand owners seeking the most efficient and effective way to serve the Canadian or American marketplaces – we offer a complete and cost-effective solution for bringing your products to market. Which leaves your company to do what it does best: developing great products.


Customized logistics services, ranging from warehousing and distribution to individual end-user order fulfillment. Let us manage all, or just part, of your supply chain.


In-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services with unbeatable turnaround times. Our on-site, factory-trained technicians are complemented by North America-wide network of affiliated service depots. Because we know that downtime sometimes just isn’t an option.

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Technical support for the products we carry lies in the hands of our highly specialized in-house Technical Application Group (TAG), which educates, advises, and supports industry professionals (including end users, integrators, consultants, production/rental companies, and engineers) on the integration of our products into their concepts and designs.


Working closely with sales, sfm.marcom executes and manages communication strategies for brands who are looking to have a team on the ground who understands the cultural nuances that can make a brand’s content more relevant in the targeted market. We do this by tailoring a brand’s promise and product information for email marketing, advertising campaigns, social media, sales collateral, trade shows, sponsorships and more.